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Minor CharactersEdit

Rocky (mentioned)


Skye: Chase!

Chase:Oh shoot, Skye knows!

Chase:(nervous tone) oh, hi Skye

Skye:Hi, have you seen my bathing cap?

Chase:Cap, what bathing cap? 

Skye: Oh, nevermind.Rocky said you had my cap.

Chase: Then he's lying to Jupiter!

Skye:(giggles) yep.

Marshall: Whatcha guys talking 'bout?

Chase:Oh, nothing.

Marshall:Hey, Chase, why is Skye's bathing cap in your puphouse?

Chase:(gulps) What are you talking about, Marshall?

Marshall grabs Skye's bathing cap with his mouth and holds it up.

Skye:What's the meaning of this?!

Chase: OK. The truth is, I took it while you we're eating inside The Lookout, cause I thought it smelt good, you know we German Shepherds have good smelling capabilities.

Skye:(giggles) Thanks for the beauty tip!I guess i could let this slide.

Chase:Oh, thank you. This WONT happen ever again.

Skye: Ok. Let's go play Pup Pup Boogie 2!

Chase:OK! (howls).


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