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This is the first part of an 8 part series. No OC's will be used or harmed without authorization from their respective owners.

Summary Edit

The Pups are having fun after another mission when the world starts to shake violently. As reports of disaster pour in, an explanation comes from Perathius as he informs them of a powerful energy source known as the Nexus and its role in protecting the Earth from apocalypse. The pups now must journey on foot to the Undersurface and reach the Nexus to find the problem and potentially unlock its secrets.

Cast Edit

The Canon Characters

Star and her family

The citizens of Adventure Bay


Story Edit

The story begins in Adventure Bay. The pups are on a mission to catch thieves who just stole from the city bank. Chase is in hot pursuit.

Chase : I got 'em. They're right on my 12. (the robbers open fire) Now, I'm coming under hostile fire.

Ryder : Roger that, Chase. Rocky's up ahead with his barricade.

Chase : (still under fire) He'd better hurry up. They're closing on him fast.

Ryder : He's going as fast as he can.

Chase : (still under fire) It might not be fast enough. (the crooks turn to the right to,try to outmaneuver Chase) They just turned. He has a little more time. No telling how much.

Ryder : Excellent. Return fire if you must and keep them spotted. Skye's got a surprise incoming.

Chase : (still under fire) Surprise? What surprise?

Ryder : You'll see.

Skye flies overhead with something hanging off her hook.

Chase : (still under fire and talking to Skye) What's your plan?

Skye : I'm gonna test my new ground mode.

Chase : (still under fire) Ground mode?

Skye brings her helicopter to within 4 feet above the street and pushes a button. The helicopter turns into an armored car which absorbs the gunfire from the crooks.

Chase : (blushing) I'm impressed.

Skye : (giggles) I thought you would be.

Chase : (slightly embarrassed) That's sweet, but the crooks are still getting away.

Skye : Not for long. (to Rocky) Rocky, is the barricade finished?

Rocky : Just one more screw... There. It's done now.

Chase : (to Marshall) Marshall, you're up.

Marshall : Just what I was waiting for.

Chase : Dalmatian spirit?

Marshall : I've been visiting my dad lately. I've got a surprise for them.

Chase : One they won't see coming?

Marshall : Exactly.

Marshall drives his fire truck in front of the crooks and jumps out in his Dalmatian armor onto the hood of the crooks' car, but is thrown off when they turn.

Marshall : (dealing with the pain) Well, that didn't work.

Chase : (rolling his eyes) Figures.

Skye : uh oh.

Chase : (concerned) What's wrong?

Skye : The armor isn't working right. I have to retreat. (does so)

Chase : (now back under fire) Rocky, they're almost to your position.

Rocky : Relax. This will work.

Chase : Are you sure?

Rocky : Positive.

Chase : Alright then.

The crooks turn the corner and slam front first into the barricade. Chase pulls up alongside them.

Chase : You boys are in a heap of trouble.

Scene changes with Chase's badge. The pups are back at the Lookout. They are playing Pup Pup Boogie 3 on a multiplayer song. Marshall is going against Everest and the scores are tied.

Marshall : I'm gonna win.

Everest : You wish.

Just as Everest is about to pull off a game-changing move, the Lookout shakes violently, throwing everyone against the wall. Everest goes straight through the window and is hanging off the catwalk. The shaking quickly stops.

Rubble : That's the shortest earthquake I've ever felt.

Everest : Uh... Help!

Marshall rushes to the catwalk and pulls a petrified Everest to safety. She kisses him and he blushes.

Zuma : Now, what the heck caused that?

Rubble : I don't see how that's possible. We don't live on a faultline.

Tracker : Whatever the cause was, I'm not sure it's natural.

Skye : (slightly scared) What do you mean?

Tracker : Since we don't live on a faultline, as Rubble said, and we still got hit by an earthquake, the cause can't have been natural.

Chase : It was more likely the shockwave from a very big earthquake. Nothing superstitious about it.

Tracker : You never know. It could be.

Ryder arrives in the elevator with a panic-like look on his face.

Ryder : (panic stricken) What happened?!

Rocky : We just had what felt like an earthquake.

Zuma : Quite a big one.

Everest : Almost fell to my death because of it.

Rubble : And we don't live on a faultline.

Chase : Why do you ask?

Ryder : I was just wondering because I felt it from Katie's Pet Shop. By the way, Chase, Sylvia's there and she wants to talk to you.

Chase : (surprised) Oh boy.

Ryder's pup pad rings.

Ryder : Ryder here.

Earl of Barkingburg : Ryder, there's been an earthquake at the castle! The Princess is alright, but we can't find Sweetie! Can you help us?

Ryder : Sure thing.

Chase : What happened?

Ryder : I just got a call from Barkingburg. There was an earthquake there and Sweetie's missing.

Marshall : She may be a bad pup, but we still have to help her.

Ryder : Right, then, pups, let's go.

Scene changes with Sweetie's badge. The pups are at the Barkingburg Castle. The gate tower is missing the flag and part of the gate is destroyed. The corner towers aren't as damaged except for the Northwest Tower, most of which is in the moat. The center roof is completely collapsed. None of the perimeter walls escaped. The East and West walls have collapsed completely as has bridge and entrance plaza, and the rest are precariously close to collapsing. The pups are in the main hall, which is little more than a room filled with debris. The Princess is wearing a sling for her broken arm and the Earl has a pair of crutches due to his damaged legs. Both are worried.

Princess of Barkingburg : Last time I saw her, she was in her puphouse with Busby. Who knows what happened to her?

Ryder : Don't worry, your highness, we'll find her.

Princess of Barkingburg : Thank you for your help. (she and the Earl walk away albeit with difficulty due to the rubble in the floor)

Chase returns from his search.

Chase : No sign of Sweetie in the North Wall.

Marshall returns from his search.

Marshall : I didn't see her in the West Wall.

Rocky : (having just returned from his search) Nor did I in the East Wall.

Everest : (just returned from her search) There's no sign of her in the South Wall, but I did find Busby. (shows Ryder)

Chase : That can help us find her. (sniffs Busby) She's over this way! (points to the Northwest Corner Tower and walks that way, sniffing as he goes)

The pups search the remains of the Northwest Corner Tower. Tracker sees a white paw in the rubble.

Tracker : I found someone! (the pups rush to his position)

Rubble uses his shovel to move the bricks, revealing Sweetie. She is unconscious, and her beautiful white fur is stained with blood. She is taken to the Princess and Earl, who are horrified by what happened to her. Marshall quickly does an X-ray scan and isn't proud of the results.

Marshall : Sweetie has sustained numerous skeletal fractures with several clean breaks. Her right hind leg joint has shattered and... wait... her skull is fractured in hundreds of places. I also see a ruptured lung. Thankfully, her heart and liver made it through. Unfortunately, she has suffered brain damage as well. Given all that, I don't think she has a good chance of surviving.

Princess of Barkingburg : (desperate) Please, can I get a second opinion?

Marshall : (sorrowful) I'm afraid mine's all we have.

The Princess begins to sob.

Earl of Barkingburg : Will you, please, help Sweetie? My Princess can't be without her.

Ryder : We'll do what we can.

Scene changes with Marshall's badge. The pups are back at the lookout. Sweetie is on a bed with ER equipment positioned around her. Katie is worried.

Katie : With all the injuries she suffered, her odds of survival are indeed slim , getting more so by the minute. I'm afraid there's nothing I can do.

Ryder : Thank you for your help.

Katie : You're welcome. (leaves)

Tracker : (worried) What's going to happen to her now?

Marshall : Either she lives or she -

Tracker : (interrupting) Don't say it!

A wisp is seen in the room that forms Perathius. He looks worried.

Perathius : Chosen! Your help is needed!

Marshall : (pointing to Sweetie) This pup needs help too.

Perathius : (confused) What happened to her?

Chase : She got crushed by debris when the castle she lives in collapsed in an earthquake.

Perathius : (shocked) Then we weren't the only ones feeling it. It spread to the Surface.

Zuma : What did?

Perathius : The earthquake. It seems as though the Undersurface had it worse.

Tracker : (panicking) That sounds bad, but can we please help her?!

Perathius : (after examining her soul) I sense greed in her heart, but that means not that she must pass for it.

Perathius casts a spell which heals Sweetie. She groans as she regains consciousness.

Tracker : (tail wagging) She's waking up!

Pups and Perathius and Ryder : Shhh!

Tracker : Lo siento.

Sweetie : (as she wakes up) Ugh. Ohh, my head. (realizes she's not in her pup house) Where am I? (sees Everest, Tracker and Perathius) Who are you?

Everest : Me? (Sweetie nods) I'm Everest. This is Tracker. (points to Tracker as he gives a nervous wave) And this is our friend Perathius. (points to Perathius, whose face has lost all expression)

Sweetie : (disgusted) That cat looks creepier than Frankenstein.

Perathius : (laughs out loud) Tha - That's funny. hehe. Wait, what?!

Everest : (giggles) Let's not get on his bad side. You haven't seen him when he gets angry.

Sweetie : (not scared) I can imagine.

Perathius : No, you can't.

Sweetie : (after a long pause) Huh?

Perathius : Would you like to see my bad side?

Skye : (trying to break the rivalry) Nononononononononono, she doesn't.

Sweetie : I am curious though.

Skye : (whispering) Shut up.

Perathius : Do you really?

Skye : No.

Sweetie : Yes.

Skye : (whispering) Shut up.

Perathius : Really?

Skye : No.

Sweetie : Yep.

Skye : (whispering) Will you please shut the &%*$#@! up!!! (not whispering) Excuse me, please.

Chase : Excused, you are.

Skye : Thank you.

Sweetie : I still want to know.

Perathius : (trying to remain calm) You will in time.

Everest : I've been meaning to give you this. (shows her Busby)

Sweetie : (excited) Busby! (grabs him and hugs him)

Rubble turns on the TV and Apollo The Super Pup comes on. Perathius is uneasy about the show, but his uneasiness is cut short when the News comes on.

Rubble : Aw, man.

Marshall : I wanted to see the ending.

Perathius : Some things we aren't meant to see.

Rubble mutes the News in anger, but Rocky reads the bottom headline.

Rocky : Wait a minute... The News are talking about the earthquake!

Chase : (after reading the headline more clearly) or earthquakes.

Rubble : There was more than one.

Perathius : (concerned) There can only be one explanation for all this.

A knock is heard on the door.

Skye : Sounds like that will have to wait.

Zuma : (after checking the door) It's Sylvia.

Chase : (nervous) ok.

Skye : You seem nervous about talking to her.

Chase : I don't know how she's been since I beat her in the herding competition. She might be mad at me.

Skye : She might not, you never know.

Chase : (gulps) Wish me luck.

Chase nervously walks to the door. When he opens it, he finds Sylvia smiling. She doesn't seem upset at all.

Sylvia : Hi, Chase.

Chase : (nervously) Hey, Sylvia.

Sylvia : (confused) Is something wrong?

Chase : (scared) No, no nothing's wrong. It's just that... I didn't know if you'd be mad at me for beating you in the herding competition.

Sylvia : That's why I wanted to talk to you. You were amazing at the competition, better than I ever could've been!

Chase : (surprised) Really?

Sylvia : Yes!

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