Hey User:PoliceChase here. I'm back and I brought a story with me! This story will make you all laugh!

WARNING: This story may contain some rude humor :WARNING

Rating : PG (parental guidence) for rude humor.

Vine 1:


Ryder: is your life always boring and depressing?

Mayor Humdinger: Yes, um, I suppose.

Ryder: Do you need something to make everyone like you?

Mayor Humdinger: Yes

Ryder: Oh.......I feel sorry for you , I wish I could help

Ryder: (leaves scene)


Vine 2:

Chase: Hey Francois

Francois: Hiya Chase!

Chase: If you were to make a movie it would get 10 out of 10 stars!

Francois: Well I am really good.... I apprecia-

Chase: 10 out of 10 is simplified to 1

Chase: (looks to camera) (troll face appears on him)


Vine 3:

( everyone are kids) (sqeaky voices)

Ryder: Summer is over....

Chase: and fall is almost here.....

Marshall: That means we have to go back to........



Tell me what you think

if you guys like it I will make part 2 on Friday (August 7)