this OC belongs to Crescenttherangerpup98.

Oyuki is a shiba inu and nurse pup that doesn't belong to the PAW patrol.

Bio Edit

Oyuki was born in foggy bottom were she honed her skills as a nurse and joined a special program after aiding to treat a mysterious illness. She is more experienced than Rosalia on the medical field though her skills are focused on nursery. After rosalia joins the program she becomes her nurse and soon created a bond of friendship.

Personality. Edit

Oyuki is a cheerful pup that sometimes can be overwhelming to others. She can be very concerned although she will get a bit too much into other's personal life and sometimes she might speak a little more than needed. She tends to drink water when under preassure as a reflex.

Appearance Edit

Oyuki is a brown shiba inu with a white collar and light brown fur. The lower half of her head, chest and belly are white. Her eyes are black and her ears pointy. Sometimes she can be seen carrying a blue purse on her mouth.

Uniform Edit

She wears a white vest with a light blue cap. During surgery she wears a mouth cover mask.

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