The nickname of the Oshawott from Pups in the Magical World

Fanon AppearancesEdit


Oscar is one of the good magic guardians of the Magical World. He actually makes rings (from the Sonic series) with his scalchop and a drop of a magic dew-drop. He's known for knowing all the best shortcuts in the Magical World, but it doesn't always mean that the shortcuts are always the safest route. He also isn't very punctual and keeps saying the "late phrases" that the rabbit from Alice from Wonderland would say.


Oscar is actually a bit bubble-headed (that water-talk for air-headed) and quite a goof-ball. He tends to forget what he was going to/had just said.


Oscar wears a Ring (from Sonic series) around his neck and on his tail. He loves to play in the mud, so he's constantly covered in it.


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