I adopted Orion from Rockytheeco-pup

Apperance Edit

Basic information
Name Orion
Gender Male
Age 11ish
Species Dog, German Sheperd
Personality Kind, Playfull, Energetic and Helpfull
Current residence House in Adventure Bay
Occupation Lifeguard
Physical description
Attire Green Collar
Personal information
Hobbies/Talents Saving Pups, Swimming
Likes Water, Capricorn
Dislikes Being Seperate from Water for Long
Relatives N/A
Friends Capricorn
Romantic interest
Acquaintances Most Pups

He is a German Shepherd with light gray fur. He has a light brown mask, chest, underbelly and socks. He has dark blue eyes and a green collar. His pup tag has a picture of the lifeguard symbol inside a buoy with a blue background.

Personality Edit

(Writen by Rockytheeco-pup) He's a playful pup who is very energetic and loves to play in the water. He works alongside his owner as a lifeguard pup. When on duty, he is always on the watch for people in trouble. 

Bio Edit

When he was a young pup he loved playing around by the waters and oceans. One day he got stuck on a small raft out in the bay and while worrying himself he popped a hole in the raft and started sinking. His current owner, Grant, Saved him from drowning. From then on he worked with Grant as a lifeguard pup and the two work together to save pups and kids from drowning

Trivia Edit

Random Edit

  • Even though he has a pup tag he isn't fully in the Paw patrol
  • He wears a whistle when on duty
  • In future generation he mentors Jet as a lifeguard
  • Hes owned by a Human named Grant

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