Oracion is a dragon and the king of Western Harmonia from Wish Upon a Pup.


Oracion always wanted the Easterns to understand that not all "two-leggeds" are evil and unite the two sides of Harmonia. Until then, he has to keep any "two-leggeds" that wander into Harmonia safe from King Charon. He later crowned his daughter Sunshine Giggles and her husband Kirby as the new rulers of Harmonia.

In Pups Save the Drony Family, he died while saving his youngest son Black Rainbow from being trampled by a herd of wild horses on stampede.


Oracion is really kind, and his six kids look up to him, especially Sunshine Giggles. He makes sure that everyone is safe, happy, and getting along in love and harmony.


Oracion is a purple dragon. He has purple eyes and golden wings with silver scale edges. The two horns on his head and his non-wing scale edges are the color purple. (He has no relation to the purple dragon with the yellow dragonfly as a sidekick)


  • Oracion's name came from the song Oracion from Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai. In that movie, it was mentioned that Oracion means "Prayer".

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