Opposites Attract- WrenchXJamie pups

Wrench and Jamie eventually have two pups, two boys, Joey and Ryan. Ryan being the oldest with Joey being born a few moments later.

The pups are co-owned by MidnightCollies and Sportthewolfsky.


Ryan: He's got his fathers perky ears and his mothers tail. His underbelly is grey along with his four socks, the rest of his coat is the same colour as Jamie's. He has grey eyes and a red bandana.

Joey: much more like his father in colours, he's got four brown socks and brown on the tip of his snout and up the middle of his face, with grey markings on either side. He has his dad's build, sharing most of his features, his left ear is semi perked with the right being fully perked. He has violet eyes like Jamie does and wears a green bandana.


Ryan: Ryan is a huge prankster and loves to prank people and pups, which can usually land him in a spot of trouble. Though he can be kind and sweet if he wants to, he'd rather keep that side of him hidden.

Joey: Like his brother, he's also a bit of a troublemaker. He often helps Ryan prank pups and follows him around, he's is a lot more skilful at getting away when trouble comes though. He's a very sneaky and mischievous pup though he does have soft spots, especially for little pups and animals and girls.


  • The two boys love dirt and enjoy playing in it, after dragging it inside after them, which Jamie is none too pleased about.
  • Their favourite way to clean themselves is by rolling all over Jamie's favourite white carpet and shaking wherever there's anything clean, occasionally getting dirt off their paws by throwing it at the walls.
  • They HATE baths and being clean, Wrench usually has to drag the two mud covered pups down to Katie's for a bath, which usually keeps them both clean for about three minutes
  • Ryan usually has good focus, he can get easily distracted by squirrels though.
  • They enjoy driving their parents insane. Wrench is usually left having to catch the boys (failing) while Jamie has a meltdown because of all the dirt.


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