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Blondie: Today I'll be reviewing that Book End favorite! The Wonderland Haberdashery and Tea shop!

Kanini: Blondie Locks is coming here! She's the toughest critic ever after! * Her pet mouse Earl Gray goes from her shoulder to her teacup and the hat shakes*

Midnight: We've got some time. Why don't we tone down the wonder a bit?

Cupid: Aren't you just the cutest little - Ekk! * A butterfly heads pops off and expands and Cupid hides behind Cerise*

Cerise: We better get to work.

Kanini: If you guys say so. * Snaps her paws and the butterflies head pops back in *

*The screen shows them taking down different strange items and there is a time skip and the shop is gray and dull. Blondie and Dex walk in all excited and they get confused and frown.*

Kanini: Welcome to the Wonderland Haberdashery and Tea shop

Blondie: I have to say Kanini. This is not at all what I expected.

Kanini: Well this is it. My families tea shop. No madness or wonder here. What can I get you?

Blondie: Hmm... um

*A butterfly thing comes up and Kanini takes the menu away and the head off the butterfly does the same thing it did to Cupid*

Blondie: I'll have the Charmed Chia tea and a Wonderland nut bar.

*Time skip*

Blondie: Can I have a refill

Kanini: Sure

*Waves her paw and the teakettle starts to float. Midnight chases it and grabs a hold of it but it starts to shake. It transforms into a three-spouted floating teakettle*

Blondie: Is that a floating teakettle?!

Kanini: It is! *snaps her paw and everything goes crazy again* And there's so much more madness to discover here! These clocks all tell the wrong time! And those doors transport you to new and wonder-riffic places! This is the real Wonderland Haberdashery and tea shop! And I don't care if we get a bad review cause to me this place is hat-tastic!

Blondie: Hmm

*Time Skip*

Blondie: At first the Wonderland Haberdashery and Tea shop seemed boring but then they let lose they wonder and it became ever after awesome! This tea shop is just right

Other girls: Yea! Wa-hoo! Yes!

*A butterfly thing flies and lands on Blondie's finger *

Blondie: Aren't you just the cutest little thing?

Midnight/Cerise: No wait!

*The other girls not including Kanini run off screen where you hear Blondie scream. Kanini shrugs her shoulders and tips the tea kettle up wards and it runs upwards into Earl Gray's tea cup*

The End... is just the beginning

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