These pups are owned by vixiedog

Pups Edit

In the future Trail and Zuma have three pups Seafoam, Blissa and Java

Appearances Edit

Seafoam- She looks most like her dad but she has her mom's ear and and has a spot on her left ear that is tan. Aside from that she is all labrador and is a chocolate brown lab. She has seafoam blue eyes and wears a pale blue collar

Blissa- She is the most mixed out of the three and has a main body of a chocolate brown lab. She has a big black patch on her back. She has a tan tail tip and mussel. He ears tips are white and she has front white socks. She has blue eyes and wears a dark green collar.

Java- He has also a lot of lab markings but also has beagle. His main color is chocolate brown. He has a tan tail tip, mussel, stomach and all four paws socks. He has white freckles on his ears. He has green eyes and wears a neon orange collar.

Personalities Edit

Seafoam- She is really really shy and can get nervous or scared really easily. She likes to stick with her dad more then her mom and hides behind him at times.

Blissa- She is very active and hyper and is always running around! She loves to play and have and almost always goes overboard

Java- He is pretty calm but has times were he gets really excited

Crushes Edit

I am going to make some so please no suggestions except for Blissa and has to be in my fanon

Jobs Edit

Seafoam is a gardner when she grows up

Blissa is a coffee maker pup

Java is a search and rescue pup

Trivia Edit

coming soon

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