Omar as a littlest pet Shop

Appearance Edit

Omar is a white German Shepard with Brown on his Back along with spot around his right eye. He has a orange ear that goes down his left side of his face. He also has a Orange paw in the front that's in left and a Brown paw in the back on the right. He has green eyes and has a Yellow hat that say's O in the front but put's it on backwards to make him more cooler. He alway's wear's a Golden necklack with the letter O.

Bio Edit

Coming soon~

Personality Edit

Omar is Loyal, Kind and honest and would never lie. He would always help people in need. And always making Jokes and Sometimes teases people. But he is Respectful and loves to play Basketball and Soccer. More Coming soon~

Trivia Edit

Coming soon~

Gallery <3 Edit

Coming soon~

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