Olivia was born into a typical family with 1 pup brother who fights like normal siblings do, she longs for a sister. Her house however, is tall with 3 padios and many rooms, it is very crazely built. She does not hang out with girls she knows use her. She cheers pups up in a snap with her sense of humor. As perfect as she sounds, she has bad self of steam issues that can't be helped. She never wants anyone to develop these so she stands up to any pup, or mean teacher. 

Appearance: Olivia is a white lab with a bracelet made of red beads around her foot. She has a pink collar with a glass tag. She has a scar on her cheek as a result to standing up to Melody.


Olivia might be the only one who could say Back off!! To a teacher. Or don't you have a hair appointment little brat? To Melody. Right when she can, she will make you laugh.

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