He's a little intense, but Ocho is still a good guy.


Ocho once tried to become the PAW Patrol's technology pup. He was rejected by them and he began to roam the world looking for a job. He met Nicole one day and was offered to be part of The RP League. He became a member and now works well with everyone.


Ocho is a Dalmatian with white fur, black spots, a black patch over his eye, and orange eyes. He wears a black uniform, a black helmet, and a dark gray collar with a black tag with a video game controller on it, a reference to Ocho the 8-bit spider.


  • Game on!

Voice ActorEdit

Max Cazier (voice of Ocho in The Amazing World Of Gumball)


  • Ocho loves playing the video game Galaga in his free time.
  • Ocho usually scares the PAW Patrol by lowering himself from an air vent tied to a string.
  • Ocho is inspired by Ocho from The Amazing World Of Gumball.

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