Oceania is a mer-pup

Bio Edit

She and her brother Aquarius were born in the same litter just about two months before their parents death. After their parents died they wandered around. That is until they met Splash the mer cat. They became good friends and they were very happy for Splash when he found the magic water. They were happier when Splash found more magic water and gave it to them.

Appearance Edit

She is a husky dalmation mix. She has longs boots on her front paws and she has a patch around her left eye. She has a heart shaped spot on her right ear and two teardrops, each on one side of her aqua eyes. She has a black cape around her back that when she is a regular pup goes down her tail. The black part of her tail has white spots as does the front of her cape.When in mer pup form her tail has a dark pink stripe, then a light pink stripe then a white stripe. This continues until the fin where as her fin is dark purple.

Personality Edit

Oceania is sweet and shy but not once your get to know her. Then she is funny, sweet, kind, and caring. She will hurt any one who threatens her friends or hurts them. Then she goes into attack mode.

Crush Edit

She doesn't have a crush at the moment but if you have a mer pup you can leave a link in the comments.

Trivia Edit

  • She almost never turns into a mer pup but does so now and then.
  • She is very protective of her brother
  • She has more siblings that are older then that she meets later on
  • She built an under water home for the three of them and is very proud of it. She made it so that sharks couldn't get in
  • She is the cook of the house and every mer pup/cat agrees she is the best

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