Nowever What! is Disaster Film When SS Crawford Torpedoed 4 times on both sides Plot: Ryder and his Paw Patrol Are Boarding SS Crawford During April 6 2009 Katie. The Captain Of SS Crawford Sailed The Ship With Few Passengers, The Peoples Had a party in SS Crawford... A Submarine (germany) is unnamed Torpedoed The SS Crawford 2 Times.. Katie U-turned the ship and torpedoed 2 times again! The Ship Begins to sink at the bow (ship Part) as the Stern (ship Part) goes higher The residents begins to drown.. Marshall the clumsy pup went overboard as the ship continues to sink and break her boilers... Katie Alerted That One Boiler Is Left And propeller 1 powers on and on.. The ship begins to split in 2 As Ryder is still Left In The Bow (ship Part) ryder uses his atv but the atv falls on water and sinks. Rubble begins jumping off... The Stern (ship Part) Runs Aground Umi Beach And Destroyed The Beach As Team Umizoomi Escaped the wreckage.. Passengers were safed (exept bow part ship Part) Rubble,Skye,Zuma,Chase And Marshall Knew Ryder Died In The Sinking Marshall Sings Paw Patrol's first theme in sad mode Umi City News Reported A Stern Of A Ship Has Aground And Said That The Ship name Was Crawford Also Todays World News Said a Hero Called Ryder Died after his atv bump him drowning him MineCraft Ships MC Vaporizer, A Rescue Ship Spotted Ryder Dead On Shore as MC Vaporizer Launches A Submarine Called DSW Porkon Search The Wreck They Said SS Crawford lays On The Port Side And Crushed by stones they also said a mysterious wreckage was spotted Katie. Answered The Mysterious Wreckage Myth Was Ryders ATV But DSW Porkon believed it as the film ends Ryder Was Seen Sunken Underwater Special Plot: After Ryder was sunken underwater Marshall said he Saw A GTA III Billboard Was Seen All Pups Said It Was Violent And Cargo Ship Vanguard Researched Ryders Body And Place On Cargo Moving To Adventure Bay Again

Trivia Edit

  • Marshall Just Swims to the shore after sinking
  • The sinking of SS Crawford is similar to the sinking of SS Titanic when both ship started to sink at bow part and broke into 2 piece and sinks into the sea floor.

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