Skye:Whats you problem with homework?

Chase:Yeah! It's fun!

Marie:Here's a song


Frozen music intro for let it go plays

Marie:The snow glows bright on the playground today,every one says go outside

I can't though cause of this homework assignment I have to write

I wish I could run to Mars and play on the caps

But sadly I don't have a rocket ship

The B.O.E is responsible of kids that commit suicide

Because of homework,HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!

No homework,no homework

B.O.E listen

No homework,no homework

Or else I'll blow up your building

(Backround sceaming)NO ONE CARES!


LET THE WAR RAGE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Homework alway bothers me every day

Homework's poision in a sheet of paper

(others sceaming)Kids sceam in bloody muder,cause of it

The stupid B.O.E should realise it doesn't help at all

But they don't listen to the public,no noooooot

No homework,no homework

It is hated across the world

No homework,no homework

Ban the sheet of dark


LET THE WAR RAGE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Homework always bothers me everyday

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