Nitro and Aria are the parents of Confetii, Streamers and Scott

Personalities Edit

Aria: As a Pup and young adult Aria was a very peppy and jumpy pup. She was also incredibly flirty and liked to flirt with pups.

Nitro: He was a pretty calm pup. He was very mellow and only every once in a while would he get exited. After the death of his parents and his brother he slowly slipped into a depression and was much more mellow and quiet. But he tried his best to be a good father around his pups.

Apperances Edit

Aria: She looks alot like her Daughters, she has Orangish Tan on her back, Cheeks, Tail and bridge of her nose along with back outlining all of these. She also has a black tip on her tail and black socks on his back paws.

Nitro: He was mostly a very light grey with black on the tips of his ears and his muzzel. He also had grey lining the black and grey on his chest and stomach.

Bio Edit

The two met one day while running fromt a group of dogs. They both emedialey fell for eachother, Aria falling for Nitro because he saved her and Nitro falling for Aria because her peppy personality pushed his deprestion away for a while.

The two where together for a while when Aria found out she was pregnant. Nitro and Aria where both surprised and devestated. Aria was very young for having pups and Nitro didnt feel like he would be a good father.

In good time though Streamers, Confetii and Scott where born. Streamers the oldest and Scott and Confetii being born about an hour after just a few minutes apart.

A few Months later when the pups started to get older Nitro was shot by a hunter thinking he was a wolf. When Aria found her husbands dead body in the forest she lost it and broke down crying, she ended up living in the forest and not going back to her pups.

Unknown to her, her pups where taken by an animal crew, but escaped into the streets of adventure bay, where they found a new home and new life

Trivia Edit

  • Aria is still alive but will not be making any Cannon Apperances in stories (Non-Cannon is fine) she will not show up in 3rd gen at all no exeptions (so dont ask)
  • Nitro after his death fells really bad even though he didnt cause it and wishes he could go back, but when they find the Paw Patrol he relizes that if he hadnt done what he had they probably would have never found the Paw Patrol and Scott and Confetii wouldnt have found mates, but even so he still feels bad abour it and will break down every once in a while.

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