What Farmer Yumi thought to the Paw Patrol is actually the basics, she doesn't even know there is more in that art than she thinks, it's also comes in the form of many martial arts: Spinjitzu, Airjitzu, or any other Ninjago art.

The 9 pups drank a special tea that gave them the ability to be like humans, their back legs bacame the size of their front legs, but now, the front paw's fingers got separated and grew longer as pup sized human fingers, and the paws grew thumbs so they look like actual human hands, the back paw's base grew longer as the size of pup sized human feet and their toes grew as long as pup sized human toes, the female pups bodies are now more feminine built, and the males are effeminate built.

Ninja team:

Chase: German Shepard-The energy ninja (The element color is blue, son of Garmadon and Misako, Nephew of Wu, grandson of the first pup-fu master, leader of the ninja team, owner of the legendary golden belt that use to belong to Marshall, but gave it to Chase because he is the best ninja and Marshall thinks that he deserves it more than him, and the golden belt is meant for the blue ninja to possess, and Chase is Skye's boyfriend)

Zuma: Chocolate Labradoodle-The fire ninja (The element color is red, brother of Everest, and Skylor's boyfriend)

Marshall: Dalmatian-The lightning ninja (The element color is yellow, the former owner of the legendary golden belt, and Everest's boyfriend)

Rocky: Mixed Breed-The ice ninja (The element color is white, he's a robot "Nindroid", and P.I.X.A.L's boyfriend)

Rubble: Bulldog-The earth ninja (The element color is black, and has a ghost scar)

Tracker: Chihuahua-The nature ninja (The element color is green, son of Bolobo, and Sweetie's boyfriend)

Everest: Husky-The water ninja (The element color is aqua, sister of Marshall, extremely close friends of Skye and Sweetie, and Zuma's girlfriend)

Skye: Cockapoo-The wind ninja (The element color is pink, daugher of Morro, extremely close friends of Everest and Sweetie, and Chase's girlfriend)

Sweetie: Western Highland White Terrier-The magic ninja (The element color is purple, former villain of Barkingburg, extremely close friends of Everest and Skye, daughter of Clouse, and Tracker's girlfriend)

Other Characters, the characters are actually pups:

Wu: German Shepard

Misako: German Shepard

Garmadon: German Shepard

Skylor: Western Highland White Terrier

Dareth: Chocolate Labradoodle

Ronin: Bulldog

Cyrus Borg: Mixed Breed

P.I.X.A.L: Mixed Breed

Zuma's Parents: Chocolate Labradoodle

Rubble's dad: Bulldog

Rocky's dad: Mixed Breed

Marshall and Everest's parents

Elemental Masters:

Karlof: Bulldog

Griffin Turner: Chocolate Labradoodle

Paleman: Western Highland White Terrier

Tox: Mixed Breed

Shade: Chocolate Labradoodle

Neuro: Cockapoo

Bolobo: Bulldog

Ash: Dalmatian

Season's list:

Season 0: Pilot

Episode Guide:

Episode 1: Way of the Ninja: It has been another day in Adventure Bay, until a pup that can stand on two legs and has a white beard named Sensei Wu to find the Paw Patrol and train them to become Ninja and find the Golden Weapons of Pup-fu, but when the Skulking army came to Adventure Bay and Capture Everest and Skye, the pups need to make a choice to stay at the Paw Patrol or become ninja, and when they Chose to be ninja to save the girls, Wu trained them to be better fighters and for them to get better agility.

Episode 2: The Golden Weapons: The Ninja were chosen to protect each of the Golden Weapons of Pup-fu and they went to the Caves of Despair to find the Scythe of Quakes, until they are attacked by Skulkins during a stealth mission, the ninja manage to master Spinjitzu and defeat the Skulkins, but now they are also attacked by the Earth Dragon, but they got out of the caves by using the Weapon leaving Wu angry about using it.

Episode 3: King of Shadows: Then Ninja searched for the reat of the weapons only to be followed by Lord Garmadons Skulking army. And when Zuma and Chase are determained to rescue Zuma's sister Everest and Skye from the dark Lord and to get the Sword of Fire in the Fire temple, only to be trapped by the Lord himself, Zuma fought bravely to defeat the shadows and protect, but can't defeat them, and Wu came to save him but having his shadow fight the shadow army, but when Wu sacrificed himself to go to the underworld Marshall and the team must save him.

Episode 4: Weapons of Destiny: Sensei Wu sent him self to the Underworld and the Ninja must follow him to the dark world by using their new dragons, and also fight the Skulking army Lord Garmadon at his own turf, while fighting, the five Ninja learned the Tornato of Creation and used it to create a ferris wheel with cages for seats, when the reached Garmadon Samukai manage to get the weapons and declaired himself to be the leader of the Skulkins again, but the power of the weapons is to great for anyone to posess, then Samukai died and a portal appeared to where he isn't standing, Garmadon went to the other side of the portal and Wu told the Ninja to wait for when he will return.


Lord Garmadon: German Shepard

Samukai: Dalmatian

Kruncha: Bulldog

Nuchai: Chocolate Labradoodle

Fire Skulkins: Dalmatian

Lightning Skulkins: Chocolate Labradoodle

Nature Skulkins: Chihuahua

Earth Skulkins: Bulldog

Ice Skulkins: Mixed Breed

Season Mini Movies:

Episode Guide:

Episode 1: Secrets of the Blacksmith: After Marshall and Everest found out that their father is a blacksmith, Everest went to visit their old shop with Marshall letting her ride on his dragon, but when Everest is looking around, she was attacked by Skulkins, and Everest manage to defeat them, while Marshall is trying to think of ways to win her heart.

Episode 2: Flight of the Dragon Ninja: While at the monastery, the five Ninja are trying to prove who is the best dragon master, so they decided to race their dragons and the winner gets to be the best dragon master for a month, and when Rubble won the race, the other four say they never agreed to have the winner to be dragon master for a month.

Episode 3: The New Masters of Pup-fu: The two Skulking Kruncha and Nuckai are complaining that the Ninja get's to be masters of Pup-fu, so they decided to get their golden weapons so they can have Pup-fu powers, but when they stole, hey can't control their Pup-fu spinjitzu powers, and leading them to get hurt at the training course, but when Marshall went out, he turned off the training course and requested Zuma to fix it, then Kruncha and Nuckai think it's a terrible idea so the put the weapons back and when home arguing.

Episode 4: An Underworldly Takeover: Rubble went to Wu's meditation room to ask how did Garmadon gain control of the Skulkins, so Wu remembered that when Garmadon feel into the Underworld, he was founded by Samukai and his army, so they fought to be the leader, and Garmadon won, which makes him the new commander, and Wu instead told Rubble that they talked it over and decided.

Episode 5: Return to the Fire Temple: Zuma and Everest were crusing around Ninjago on Flame the Fire Dragon until the dragon stopped at the fire temple showing Zuma and Everest a secret entrance to the underworld inside the temple, and when Skulking spot them, they attacked and Zuma came to stopped them but he can't do it by himself, so Everest want to help by letting Flame shot a fire ball leading the Skulkins to flee and block the door, while Zuma and Everest are leaving, Kruncha and Nuckai are arguing about how Zuma and Everest found them.

Episode 6: Battle Between Brothers: Rocky went outside seeing Wu with his new attire so Rocky admired it, Wu told Rocky about it's power of protection and how it reminds him about the day Garmadon and himself fought for the weapons of Pup-fu, in the flashback, young Garmadon was taking the weapons out of display, until young Wu caught him, letting him see that the evil has taken over him completely, so they fought for the weapons with the weapons, but until Wu is almost defeated, Wu's clothes made a gateway for the Underworld and Garmadon fell in, Wu tried to save him, but failed, at the end of the flashback Wu claimed that things have gotten peaceful since that day, but those days are over when zuma came with his dragon being loud.

Season 1: Rise of the Serpantine

Episode Guide:

Episode 1: Rise of the Snakes: Sweetie "The Royal Pup of Barkingburg" has ran away from home and decided to rule Ninjago, the pups were playing games and putting other things off that can be done today, then when the ninja saw Sweetie, it was really easy defeating a pup that has no skill of Pup-fu. But then Sweetie unwillingly released the Hypnobrai serpentine from the secret tomb, the Ninja must learn never to put off what can be done today to defeat her, the ninja manage to steel the serpentine staff and used the anti venom to cure everyone, everything was okay, but a hypnobrai named Skales manage to hypnotize Rubble and has other plans for him.

Episode 2: Home: The pups noticed Rocky's unnatural behavior and thinks he is different from everyone else, while cleaning up from dinner, Rocky found a new bird friend that leads him to Sweetie's new treehouse for her new scheme to rule Ninjago, Rocky gathered the others and came to the fortress, they had a plan to bring down Sweeties fortress by taking down Then supports, until when Rubble is in control of Skales, they have to fight him to complete the plan, and when Wu, Chase, Everest, and Skye came on Flame the Fire Dragon with the magic flute which is the snake's weakness, there is no one guarding the monastery, the Hypnobrai manage to steel the staff back, but when the ninja blame Rocky for what has happen, they felt guilty, while in the tomb of the Hypnobrai, Skales manage to take the title of general by defeating the original leader in the slither pit, they kicked Sweetie out, and when Rocky returned, he brought everyone to a shop called the destinies bounty and made dinner for everyone, Wu told Rocky that there is something special about him, so they wen they for dinner, sweetie on the other hand was outside, with a map of the rest of the tombs and has a new plan.

Episode 3: Snakebit: After the Hypnobrai betrayed Sweetie, she released the second Serpentine tomb, the Fangpire, and when Marshall promised to visit his parents from a junkyard, they are in danger of becoming snakes, Marshall and the Ninja must retrieve the antidote from the Fangpire staff and save his family.

Episode 4: Never Trust a Snake: After being betrayed by the serpentine again, Sweetie released a clever Anacondrai named Pythor P. Chumsworth, which he has other plans, Sweetie and Pythor went to a school for bad pups where Sweetie went to before she was in Barkingburg, but the ninja went to stop them, and after Pythor betrayed Sweetie, the Ninja manage to let her live with them and for her to be a good pup.

Episode 5: Can of Worms: While dealing with Sweetie as their new roommate, Rocky's Ninja uniform is now pink and has to handle the humiliation, and they discover that Pythor is planing something big and it involves releasing the rest of the serpentine tombs, but then the Ninja has a unexpecting suprise when a musterious samurai hero helped them, Pythor refised that uniting the serpentine tribes shall be the key to release a monster called the Great Devourer, the ninja used the power of rumors to not let the tribes unite and Rocky must use his pink uniform to save his friends after they are captured.

Episode 6: The Snake King: Pythor has found a ancient city of serpentine called the lost city of Oroborus, and the Ninja compete with each other to find the identity of the mysterious samurai and the winner becomes the blue ninja, but trouble lies ahead when Chase and Sweetie was captured by Pythor after they both tried to find his new plan to unite the tribes, now that the tribes are united, the Ninja must save Chase and Sweetie, but unintentional help from the samurai, the ninja failed to save Chase and Sweetie but they will help them later on, and the Marshall realized that the Samurai is his sister Everest

Episode 7: Tick Tock: Sensei Wu revealed that the Great Devourer turn his brother into the dark lord and to find their true potential, they must unlock their hearts by concurring one fear that's hold them back, and he has a journey to take place. The ninja have found the falcon and they followed to a secret lair where Rocky learned of his past, which he found out that he is a robot and how his dad loved him so. Because of knowing who he is, he found his True potential and save his friends from the forest tree horns. While at the constrictai tomb, Pythor realized that not only that the tribes must unite, but as well as the venom of the five serpentine staffs, they now have the locations of the four silver fang blades, which are the keys to awaken the Devouer, while with Sensei Wu, he used travelers tea to go to a realm meeting his evil brother.

Episode 8: Once Bitten, Twice Shy: Marshall is bitten by a Fangpire skeleton and now he is turning into a snake, but he has to hide his new appearance from his date with Everest at mega monster amusement park, but more problems lie ahead when Pythor and his army when to the amusment park to find the first fang blade, but then they captured the samurai learning that the samurai is Everest, now she is about to die on a roller coaster, and with the other ninja out of the way, Marshall has to save Everest alone and reveal that he lied to her about his life, but then Everest broke the snake spell by a love kiss, and she make Marshall realize that he has to be himself, which making him unlock his true potential, now the samurai identity is revealed.

Episode 9: The Royal Blacksmiths: The Serpentine has the first fang blade, and the ninja need to get the second blade, so Rubble told them that the Ninjago talent show blade cup is actually the second fang blade, but when his dad went

Episode 10: Into the Jungle

Episode 11: The Blue Ninja

Episode 12: All of Nothing

Episode 13: The Rise of The Great Devourer

Episode 14: Day of The Great Devourer








The Great Devourer

Season 2: The Final Battle

Episode Guide:

Episode 15:


Lord Garmadon: German Shepard

The Overlord: German Shepard

Kozu: Bulldog

Stone Scouts: Western Highland White Terrier, Cockapoo

Stone Warriors: Husky, Dalmatian, Mixed Breed, Chocolate Labradoodle, Chihuahua

Stone Shoguns: German Shepard


Season 3: Rebooted


The Overlord: German Shepard

(The nindroids don't have ninja gees, but they still have the laser eye gun for a right eye)

Cryptor: Mixed Breed

Mindroid: Western Highland White Terrier

Nindroid Warriors: Husky, German Shepard, Dalmatian, Chocolate Labradoodle, Bulldog, Cockapoo, Chihuahua.


Season 4: The Tournament of Elements


Chen: Western Highland White Terrier

Clouse: Western Highland White Terrier

Eyezor: Mixed Breed

Anacondrians: All Breeds

Season 5: Possession


Morro: Cockapoo

Soul archer: Dalmatian

Bancha: Husky

Goultar: Bulldog

Wraith: Mixed Breed

Ghosts: All Breeds

The Preeminent

Season 6: Skybound


Nadakan: Husky

Flintlock: Dalmatian

Dogshank: Bulldog

Doubloon: Mixed Breed

Cyren: Western Highland White Terrier

Bucko: Chihuahua

Skwiffy: Chocolate Labradoodle

Monkey wrench


Sky Pirates: All Breeds

Day of the Departed


Yang: Chocolate Labradoodle

Kozu: Bulldog

Samukai: Dalmatian

Cryptor: Mixed Breed

Chen: Western Highland White Terrier

Morro: Cockapoo


Ninjago a Paw Patrol Adventure shorts: Wu's Tea


Robot Manager: Mixed Breed

Season 7: Hands of Time


Acronix: Chihuahua

Krux: Chihuahua




Vermillion Warriors

The Paw Patrol Ninjago Movie


Garmadon: German Shepard

Ninjago a Paw Patrol Adventure: Back to Adventure Bay

The Ninja were taking a boat ride in the ocean, but then they stumbled back on Adventure Bay, and wanting to visit for a while, when they arrived, it was Paw Patrol appreciation day, but all the citizens Of the city, and event he princess and earl of Barkingburg were there since they don't have Sweetie, everyone missed the real pups, it looks like the holographic machine didn't work but ever since they started to act just like humans, they are strugling to be the pups Ryder knew, and when he got suspicious, the ninja secret didn't last long. When, Ryder, the Adventure Bay citizen friends, and the princess and real of barkingburg found out the nine pups are ninja, they forbid them to live in Ninjago, forever, everyone think that being a Ninjago ninja is rescuing people, exactly like the Paw Patrol. After they have been banned, Carlos found an ancient ruin that has the yin yang lunar eclipses on it, and when Ryder accidently activated the structure, all the Villains in ninjago history that tried to destroy the ninja have returned again, now Barkingburg and Adventure Bay is going to fall like dominos. Will the ninja and Ryder stop all the Villians before the worst came true.


The Overlord: German Shepard

Samukai: Dalamtian

Skulking army: All breeds

Kozu: Bulldog

Stone army: All breeds

Cryptor: Mixed Breed

Nindroid army: All breeds

Mindroid: Western Highland White Terrier

Chen: Western Highland White Terrier

Anacondrian army: All Breeds

Morro: Cockapoo

Ghost army: All Breeds

Nadakan: Husky

Sky Pirate army: All Breeds

Acronix: Chihuahua

Krux: Chihuahua

Vermillion army

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

Pilot: Episode 1: Way of the Ninja

It was another day at Adventure Bay, it was 7:00 in the aftenoon, the 8 pups were playing outside the lookout. Until a old German Shepherd named master Wu that can walk on two legs came near them.

Chase: Hey, who are you?

Wu: My name is Wu

Rubble: What are you doing here Wu?

Wu: Just one Pup-fu master passing through.

Marshall: Your a Pup-fu master?

Wu: Yes, and you Marshall and Everest are actually brother and sister.

Marshall and Everest: Woah, no way.

Chase: Hey! How do you know us.

Wu: Because, The spirit smoke told me about you all about you, and I also know your families. Will this answer your question, my nephew.

Chase: What, so your my uncle.

Wu: Yes, and I want all eight of you, to come with me to Ninjago.

Rocky: Sorry but, were needed here, and what about Ryder, We can't leave him, so we can't come with you, Adventure Bay would fall apart without us, and with our pup packs, we can keep this place whole.

Wu: Using metal and other tools for arms, they can be useless for other kinds of assistance.

Rubble: Our pup packs are not useless, but the offer is hard to refuse.

Everest: Well, it sounds great, but we have to stay here, what will happen to Ryder without us.

Pups but Everest: Yeah.

Wu: I understand, one day you'll see, how important you are to your family there.

Skye: We'll let you know when we'll change our minds.

Wu: We'll, see you later.

Pups: Bye.

Chase: I can't believe it, I have an uncle, and I wish I know more about my family.

Marhsall: Me too.

Everest: So do I, brother Marshall.

Then all the pups laughed. But then, a dark cloud is forming, and skulkin pups and Boney vehicles came out of no where.

Nuckai: Is it my turn, can I go first, pretty pretty please, I'm dying to go down there?

Kruncha: Stop and wait for master Samukai, and is it my turn to go down.

Samukai: Sorry Boys this one's mine, remember what were looking for, attack!

Then all the Skulkins charged at the pups.

Everest: What are these things?

Chase: I don't know Everest, but you and Skye need to get out of here and be somewhere safe, the guys and I will hold them off.

Kruncha: Come on, we need to find that map.

Everest and Skye: You got it.

The guy pups were trying to hold them off, but they can't do it by themselves.

Rubble: Were doomed.

But Then Everest and Skye came in and pushed off the skulkins.

Chase: Hey, I told you two to safe yourselves.

Skye: Like we would let you boys have all the fun.

Kruncha: Will you look harder.

Nuckai: I am looking harder, you look harder.

Then Nuckai threw a dog bowl at Kruncha but missed and hit Marshall's fire truck, then a map came out of the truck.

Kruncha and Nuckai: (gasped) the map.

Then the pups were fighting the skulkins, but then Samukai jumped in and Chase and Marshall are ready for him, but they now little about him.

Chase: Bring it on bonehead.

Samukai: Heh, heh, heh.

Then Samukai's four arms popped out with daggers.

Marshall: Oh boy.

Then Marshall and Chase tried to hold off Samukai, but they can't. When they both are about to be defeated, Wu saved them.

Wu: Ninja-Go!

Then Wu used spinjitzu to stop Samukai.

Samukai: Sensei Wu, your spinjitzu looks rusty.

Wu: Nothing like bones to sharpen it's edge Samukai.

Then Samukai then threw his daggers at Marshall and Chase, but missed, then hit a big tree. It caused the tree to fall down right where Marshall and Chase are standing.

Marshall and Chase: No!

The Wu used Spinjitzu to save them.

Wu: Ninja-Go!

When Marshall and Chase are safe, Samukai jumped on the bone chomper.

Samukai: Lord Garmadon say's take the girls.

Wu: Lord Garmadon?

Then Kruncha fired the grappling bone hand to capture Everest and Skye.

Everest: Oh no.

Skye: Help.

Then all the Skulkins drove away, taking Everest and Skye with them.

Chase: Skye!

Marshall: Everest!

Chase: No.

Wu: Like I said, useless.

Chase: Ugh, if you haven't used your Twistitzu or.

Wu: Spinjitzu.

Marshall: We don't care, we're taking my sister back.

Chase: And Skye too.

Wu: Where they go, no mortal can't follow, that was Samukai, king of the underworld, and if he's taking orders from Lord Garmadon, than the worst is about to arrive.

Chaze: What's so important that this Lord Garmadon wants Skye and Everest so bad?

Wu: How about everything in Ninjago itself. Long before time had a name, Ninjago was created by the first pup-fu master, which is actually a pup, he created Ninjago using the Golden Weapons of Pup-fu: The Scythe of Quakes, The Nunchucks of Lightning, The Staff of Nature, The shurikins of Ice, The Sword of Fire, weapons so powerful, no one can handle their powers combined. When he passed away, his two sons swore to protect the weapons, but the oldest brother is consumed with darkness and wanted to possess them all. A battle fought out for the weapons of pup-fu, and the oldest brother was banished to the underworld. Ninjago was finally at peace, and order for the weapons to be protected, the younger brother hid them in separate locations than no one can find them, and to make sure they're safe, he placed a guardian to guard them. A map was created to know the locations of the weapons, and he gave a map to a trust worthy man to hide it, that trust man is Ray, Marshall's father. the older brother is Lord Garmadon, and I must find the weapons before he does.

Marshall: So your the younger brother, and you know my father?

Chase: If Wu's my uncle, and that must mean that the first pup-fu master is my grandfather, and Lord Garmadon is, my father?!?!

Pups but Wu and Chase: (gasped).

Tracker: Well at least we know Pup-fu to stop your evil dad Chase.

Wu: But what you got isn't enough to stop an evil this great.

Rubble: But our teacher Farmer Yumi has the scroll of the ancient arts.

Wu: And do you know who wrote that scroll.

Rocky: Yeah, her grandfather.

Wu: Actually, the first pup-fu master was the one who wrote that scroll. Before he passed away, he thought that the art must be worshiped by other pups and no one must know the true secret or they will be in grave danger. So he wrote only the basic moves, and gave it to an honest human family, that honest family is Yumi's religion.

Rubble: So the map, is that why you came here?

Wu: I came for something much better, you all.

Pups but Wu: Really, why.

Wu: You six are foretold to be the most powerful defenders in Ninjago, and you must learn the true powerful art of pup-fu.

Chase: Well I think the basics that my grandfather wrote can be useful to defeat my father.

Then Wu attacked Chase, by jumping up, then spinning in the air, and kicking him in the face.

Wu: Hi-ya.

Chase: Ouch.

Wu: See, your all are not ready to face my pinky toe.

Marshall: Okay, so when do we start.

Wu: When we arrive at Ninjago.

Then Ryder came out the lookout door.

Ryder: Hey pups.

Chase: Hey uncle Wu, hide in the bush.

Then Wu hid in a bush.

Ryder: Pups, what are you guys talking about?

Chase: Nothing.

Ryder: Hey, Where are Skye and Everest?

Rubble: Oh, they are at Jake's having a girl's only sleepover.

Ryder: Okay then, it's time to go to bed Pups.

Pups but Wu: Okay Ryder, Goodnight.

Then Ryder went into the lookout, and Wu came out of the bush.

Marshall: How are we going to get out of here without Ryder noticing that were gone?

Rocky: I know, I'll build a realistic holographic versions of us, so he won't notice that the real us is gone.

Pups but Rocky and Wu: Yeah.

One hour later.

Rocky: Okay, the machine is done.

Then the pups test it, and the holographic projector works perfectly.

Chase: It works.

Then the pups turned of the machine.

Wu: Then it's settled, we go to Ninjago tomorrow morning.

Pups but Wu: Yeah.

Then the pups went into their pup houses.

Chase: You can sleep with me uncle Wu.

Wu: Sure thing Chase.

Then the pups went to sleep.

The next morning. Wu Woke up the pups with a gong.

Bang, Bang, Bang.

Wu: Evil doesn't sleep and neither should you all.

Rocky: Uh, too early.

Rubble: What time is it?

Wu: Time to go to Ninjago to get Marshall's sister and Chase's girlfriend.

Chase: Well, she's not my girlfriend yet uncle.

Zuma: And Everest isn't my girlfriend either. she's really pretty.

Marshall: Back off Zuma.

Chase: Skye is also really pretty Marshall.

Marshall: Can we please focus on getting the Golden Weapons and rescue Everest.

Tracker: Let's fire up this holographic baby and go.

The pups turn on the machine and the holographic versions popped up.

Chase: Great, no one will know that their not the real us.

Rubble: Let's go, to Ninjago.

Pups but Wu and Rubble: To Ninjago.

The pups Went on a boat and traveled to a place full of pups that can stand on two legs, eat human food, wear human like clothes, especially pants, and don't behave like a wild dog, but act like civilized people, no barking, no howling, and no whimpering. the pups have arrived at Ninjago and it's full of beautiful sights.

Marshall: This place is amazing.

Chase: You can say that again.

Zuma: So where are we going.

Wu: To the old monastery, where I grew up in.

The pups wer traveling through Ninjago, and soon they're almost there. They were all climbing a mountain, on top is the monastery. Wu was riding an Chase's back, and the kids are very tired.

Pups but Wu: (grunting)

Marshall: Why does the monastery have to be on top of a really high mountain?

Chase: And why are you riding on my back uncle.

Wu: To test your courage.

The pups arrived at the monastery.

Zuma: What, there are stairs here?

They entered.

Rocky: How are we going to train in a place of peace.

Wu: Rmember this, things are not what they seem to be.

Then Wu tipped a mini dragon and a button came out, then Wu pushed it and a trading course came out of the floor.

Pups but Wu: Cool.

Wu: all of you, complete the course before I finish my tea.

Then Wu poured his tea on a cup, and drank it.

Wu: Ah, today you all failed, maybe tomorrow you'lol do better.

Chase: But we.

Then Wu slammed the door.

Rubble: Well that was a waste of time.

Rocky: I totally agree.

The next day the pups are testing again at the Monastary.

Wu: Begin The course.

The pups lined up at the starting line and Chase is holding a wooden sword. The pups didn't have much pup-fu agility so they tripped and failed.

Wu: Failed.

The next day they failed again.

Wu: Failed.

And the next day they failed again.

Wu: Failed.

The next day after that they have gone better with their agility so they complete the obstacle course, but were a few seconds late.

Wu: Failed.

Then at night, they were thinking of their friends and tried to be better.

Then the next day, the pups were ready to test their skills at the course, but when Wu is about to drink his tea, but then Chase threw his wood sword at his tea cup and make Wu make another cup, but when he is about to add the sugar cubes, the pups finished the course and Marshall is holding the sugar bowl.

Rubble: One sugar, or two.

Wu: Huh, seems like your ready, here.

Then Wu took out a tray with cups of magic tea

Wu: Drink this special tea.

Rocky: Why?

Wu: This tea will give you the abilities of behaving like a human being.

Pups but Wu: Cool.

Then the kids drank the tea and they now can walk on two legs and do other things a human would do.

Chase: We can stand on two legs now.

Zuma: I think I would like this.

Wu: You all pups should get some rest.

Pups but Wu: Okay sensei.

Then while Marshall and Chase are brushing their teeth, Zuma, Rubble, Rocky and Tracker came out of no where.

Marshall: Oh, so you want to spar eh.

Tracker: Yeah, bring it on.

Then the pups began to spar, but not like the one in the episode pup-fu, but while the were fighting, Wu interrupted.

Wu: Enough all of you.

Pups but Wu: Sorry sensei.

Tracker: Sensei Wu, what is this about anyway?

Rocky: Why did you chose us?

Wu: You four are the chosen ones, but first, Ninja-Go.

Then Wu used spinjitzu to put on the pups new ninja uniforms. Chase is blue, Marshall is red, Zuma is yellow, Rocky is white, Rubble is black, and Tracker is green.

Pups but Wu: Cool

Zuma: Look what color I am.

Rocky: Hey I'm white.

Rubble: And I'm black.

Wu: You six are chosen to protect the five golden weapons of pup-fu. Marshall is red, the master of fire, and the flame inside him burns bright.

Marshall: Cool.

Chase: Hey, what about my power?

Wu: Zuma is yellow, master of lightning.

Zuma: Well that's not the only thing I'm a master of.

Wu: Rubble is black, master of earth, solid as rock.

Rubble: Yeah.

Wu: Rocky is white, master of ice, his instincts are as sharp as sword.

Rocky: Oh yes.

Wu: And Tracker is green, master of nature, mind strong as the jungle.

Tracker: Yay.

Chase: Hey, what about me?

Wu: You'll be chosen when the time comes. We head for the Golden Weapons tomorrow.

Pups but Wu: Yes sensei.

It's 7:00 in the morning, the pups were pulling a kart, with Wu in it.

Chase: This is so tiring.

Marshall: I know. I hope the girls are okay.

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