Part 3 Cast:














Alex porter 

Sensai wu (mentioned)

Llyod: :Let's go find Ryder! 

Skye: Alright, but should we take Shimmer?

Lloyd agrees to take Shimmer and they head off to find Ryder an  the others

Ryder: Oh, where could Skye be?! Oh No!

Kai: Lloyd, where are you?!?!?!?!

Zuma: Dudes, is that them? 

Cole: Llyod! Our best ninja where we're you?

Llyod: Skye and I got lost.

Chase: Skye, I missed you.... well, I mean cause I thought we lost you.

Skye: this is shimmer we found her she needs help to leave here!

Ryder: ok. But le'ts go find Marshall!

Everyone: Yeah!

They start to run up the stairs

They get to the top floor and see Marshall and Katie

Alex: Ryder! Can I help in this battle?

Ryder: Sure Alex, but be careful!

Shimmer: I'll be medic part of PAW Patrol.

Ryder: ok

Ninjas: ninja go!!!!!!!!

Rubble: can we help you guys?

Kai: Yeah we could use some.

Marshall: look Katie is the ninjas and Ryder

Llyod runs up to the celler and frees them

Katie: thank you gold ninja!

Llyod: no problem any time.

Llyod has a crush on her secretly

Jay: Llyod you could help us

Then the over Lord showed up

Ninjas: oh no

Ryder: what?

Ninjas: The over Lord he's hard

All: we will stop you!

Rocky: pincer (ruff)

Overlord: you're little arm won't do anything! 

Over Lord flings Rocky away 

Everyone: Rocky!

Over Lord laughs evilly

Ninjas: let's go!

Kai: fire!

Jay: lighting!

Zane: ice!

Cole earth!

Llyod: ninja-go

They make a big tornado and the elements fire lighting earth and ice come out and destroy the over Lord

Everyone: woo hoooo

Kai: we learned it from sensai

Rubble: let's go home! 

Others: Yeah!

The ninjas and PAW Patrol go to Adventure Bay

Ryder: ninja, you are part of the PAW Patrol!

Ninjas: thanks Ryder

Ryder: Shimmer, you are our medic pup!

Shimmer: yay thank you! 

Ryder: alright pups lets go play!

Mission complete plays

Marshall: thanks ninja

Llyod: no problem

Jay: it was easy I guess

Kai: any time buddy

Zane: you're welcome

Cole: I'll get some coffee

Everyone laughs 

Ryder: you're such good pups and ninjas

Pa pa pa PAW Patrol!

Up next pups and great discovery with the ninja

Promo for pups and the blue mountain mystery: a dog formally from PAW Patrol has done something very bad

And the pups find a new island will they save the pup named Robert or will he be sent away find out soon on pups and the blue mountain mystery.

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