Nerissa and Neptune

Neptune and Nerissa are the parents of Coral and Atlantis.


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Neptune: Neptune has the spirit of an adventurer. He use to travel and explore many different seas to see how they were. He was caring and helpful to those that were kind back. He fought off sharks and killer whales. Many different undersea predators. He never thought though that his heart would be stolen by a lovely merpup.

Nerissa: Nerissa was just the average merpup that loved playing in the coral reef. She was caring and helped stray fish that needed it. She loved helping the little merpups that played in the reef. She is very gentle and enjoyed life under the water instead of land.


It was a typical day in the reef when a strange new merpup came and was just visiting. Nerissa was swimming when she saw the explorer. She was attracted to him from the beginning and swam up to him introducing herself. He said his name was Neptune and he was just passing through, but he never left soon falling in love with the female merpup.

A couple years later they had a pup and lived in a new coral reef. They named their pup Coral, and a few months later they had a son naming him Atlantis. not just a month later through the new family would face something tragic. Poachers started coming and capturing them. Their pups managed to escape, but the couple was captured and pulled onto the boat. They were just happy their pups were safe though.

The merpups were put up in an auction and to their surprise Mayor Humdinger ended up winning the pups and now they live in a private aquarium that only mayor Humdinger can visit and see. The two wish to escape so they can get back to their pups.

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  • Nerissa means from the sea


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