this pup belong to Aurychase, adopted from Smartpup Chase76


Mustard is a male Australian Cattle Dog. he is a marine pilot. as a teenager he had a puppy girlfriend who left him (he died) and then went to the Navy and became an officer and pilot. but then a pup reporter who tormented him with his questions, Masha. a drawback, however, was kidnapped and undertook to save it. after he realized that the mission was in love with her. for the first time his hard heart opened, and so showed up. love blossomed between the two and later Masha gave birth to a pup. and a month later he was still pregnant with another that gave birth. then 8 months later she became pregnant with 8 pups. He believed that it would bring good luck to have 8 puppies. But unfortunately one day he was called on a mission, just the day before the birth of Masha. Masha then gave birth to 6 pups hard, but got terrible news. Mustard's plane was destroyed and he was dead. Masha kept growing puppies with all its force and with pain and with the help of the first two pups


a black blue furred pup with tan markings on his head. he has yellow eyes and wears a pink collar with a medal similar to an airplaine on it


is a pup pretty serious and beginning he was lonely. He loves his job and helping others. He must also go wild and free the great energy he has inside of him. although it admits it has always wanted pups


work in progress...




more soon



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