Murphy was adopted by PitbullLover from Smartpup Chase76. Please ask to use him ^^


Bernese Mountain Dog 

A Black and White and Tan tri-colored with the black fur normally covering most of his body, and he has a white muzzle, and a single white streak running down his belly, and his paw tips are white, while his legs are tan along with a little tan around the sides of his mouth and on the underside of his tail and backside of his legs. He has light blue eyes and wears a pastel Green collar with a light purple tag and comb and sissors on it.


He is a sweet, affectionate, easy-going pup who also extremely patient with kids as when his owners first got him their kids climbed all over him. He has the energy to play all day, and will happily flop down by the fireplace for a little rest and relaxation with the rest of the family. He does just fine with other pets, is polite to strangers and sometimes think he is a lapdog, despite his size (a lot like my dog Cooper XD)


  • he has a crush on Aelia and later on they get married 


Hair Stylist

(more coming soon)


By Me:


By others:



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