Moscow (Pronounced "Moss-cow") is the trainee for Daniel, she is owned by Tundrathesnowpup 


She looks mostly like her sister Pretzel, though has more of a cocoa-colored coat unlike Pretzel's more golden type and perked up ears with a darker brown hood and cape. Like most Siberian/Golden mixes she is extremely fluffy,and this helps her stay warm during the winter rescues. Her eyes are both a hazel brown color, and she wears a bright red collar like her mentor. Her badge is a first-aid kit with a large paw print and bandage in the middle of the box.


Very happy and go-lucky much like her sister, Moscow is always eager to help and can be a bit goofy at times, coming from her Golden Retriever nature. Though she has a sharper attention span that Pretzel does, and can become very stern and serious when it comes to her job. As a medical pup, she can't risk anything and tries her best to stay focused, yet kind so she doesn't make any of her patients nervous or scared. She's very head-strong and brave, and tries her best to do things right. At times she can get very paranoid about herself, and extremely self-conscious about herself as a pup and as a medical provider.


  • She is the Trainee of Daniel. She looks up to her mentor with the highest esteem, and tries her best to make sure she's making him proud
  • She and her sister Pretzel are extremely close. The two are twins, though Moscow was born first by 20 minutes. She and Pretzel do clash heads sometimes, but the two love each other very much.
  • She does not have a crush


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