Moonlight Rose is the fourth drony of Sunny's brothers and sisters.
Moonlight Rose



Moonlight Rose is the drony who doesn't mind getting her hooves dirty; she's a hard worker, but she patrols at night. Whenever someone is lost, she offers her light to guide them home. She also loves to help others and give to those in need, but no one can ever take advantage of her; she's too smart. Until Skye taught her and Blue Skies how to fly, she always walked when she did her night patrol. It's a good thing she learned to fly, or she might have not noticed that Milli and Skye were in trouble and tell her other siblings. 


Moonlight Rose was born in the moon's beams. She has a brown coat and brown eyes. Her mane and tail are made up of three different colors: magenta, light pink, and red. She has tan-brown dragon wings from her dad, but her mom's side had some pegasus, which makes her wings stronger. Under the moonlight, her nose can glow a bright red, which is where her name Moonlight Rose came from.

She also wears a pink choker on her neck and a rose in her mane.

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