Monica! Edit

Monica is a happy, endless smiles and surprises celebration pup! She Never stops smilling as she belivies- "whats the point in ffrownin, when you can smile?" she loves anything strawberry flavoured and will never leave a meal Un-eaten. She adores eagles and has a toy plushie of one. 

Apearance  Edit

Monica is a red tinged mixed breed. She has a white marking like Tundra's going down her body, she also has two white socks on her front paws, and grey patches on her toes on her back paws. Her pup-tag is a picture of a smiling dog. 

Pup-pack Edit

Her pup pack contains the following: 

  • Champagne (for adult celebrations) 
  • Party poppers
  • Costumes 
  • Noise makers 
  •  Minnie CD player
  • Games list
  • A "what to do at partys" list  
  • Jug 
  • Biscuits 

Her pup pack is baby blue and pale yellow. Her coller is red with bright yellow stripes. 

Family Edit


Random Triva Edit

  • She rarely even frowns 
  • When she's sad, she normally just gives a sad smile when in front of people. But if she's really sad, she goes to an old secret cave located in... Hmm, well better not say... 
  • Before she never frowned, bullies often nicknamed her "Moanica"' 
  • She is very strong, words never hurt her and you have to be strong to hurt with a punch. She always stands up to Tundra whenshe s'ees Blizzard  picking on her.  


IMG 20150706 175138

Sketch to coulor, Monica and her pup tag

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