When Marshall read the note he got really really mad again.

Marshall:  Skye I'm glad you got back from California, so now I can tell all of you this, LOOK WHAT YOU DID!!!

Zuma: We didn't do anything!

Chase: YEAH!!!

Marshall: We have to go find her!

All but Marshall: NO!


That night, Marshall was on a train to Texas.

Marshall: They need to learn how great they have it. Ah ha!

He got on his phone.

Military teacher: Hello?

Marshall: Hello, I recently found a dog named Chase.

Military teacher: Yes! He needs to come finish his training!

Marshall: Pick him up at the lookout tomorrow, and don't let anyone see you.

Military teacher: Why?

Marshall: Well, um, he was stolen by a boy and his dogs, if they see you they will call the cops.

He hung up and called Skyes show coach.

Coach: Hello.

Marshall: Hello, I found your client Skye, she was stolen by a boy, so show her papers, and you can get her back.

Coach: MY SHINING STAR!! Were is she?! 

Marshall: At the adventure bay lookout.

Coach: Ill be there tomorrow.

Then he called the other pups coaches and trainers.

The next day.........

Chase: *yawn* Good morning, hey! Where am I?

A whistle blew in his ear.

Chase: AHHHHHH!!!

Military teacher: UP CHASE, NOW!!

Chase: Another military dream? *moan*

Military teacher: THIS IS NO DREAM!!!

Chase: Shuuuuure it's not.


Chase: OUCH! 

Military teacher: Get up! NO BACK TAKING!

At the track.....

Zuma: For the last time, WHY AM I HERE!!!!!!

Coach: To do track with your class!

Zuma: My class..... OH NO!

Kate: Look! Zumas back! 

John: Oh great! Now we have to work with him!

Zuma: HEY! I'm a dog just like you guys!

Drake: More like a turtle!

Mary: No! He has to be something slower!

Zumas class: HA HA HA!

Zuma: *whimper*

At the pool.........

Rocky: Please let me go home!

Swim teacher: No! You are in the swimming business!

Rocky: Im hydrophobic!

Swim teacher: Sure you are. (shoved him in the water)


At the salon........

Katie: Hey! A limo just pulled up!

Skye: But I'm sure mom and dad went home.

Skyes trainer: SKYE! COME TO MOMMY!

Skye: Yikes!

Her owner caught her and gave her a tight hug.

Skye: I can't *cough* breath.

Coach: Oh my! YOUR FILTHY!

Katie: Hey! I just groomed her!

Coach: Then you should be sued for putting my stars glamour at risk!

She ran back to  the limo.

Katie: Hey! She's not yours!

Owner: Back to stardom and away from this filthy town! You will never touch a speck of dirt ever again!

Skye: HELP!!

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