Marshall: Moonlight, Moooooonlight!

Streak: What!

Marshall: What's going on?

Storm: Follow us.

He followed them down the ally.

Moonlight: What? *sniff*

Marshall: Zuma told me to go find you, what's going on?

Moonlight: There mad about stupid things like military school, dog shows, track, swimming.

Marshall: So?

Moonlight: My parents are dead!

Marshall: Oh my. I'm so sorry.

He saw them all curled up in the ally. His sadness turned to rage.

Marshall: Well this won't do! I'll go have a talk with those brats! Come on, Katie will let you say with her for awhile.

Moonlight: But...

Marshall: NO BUTS! Today I bring justice!

At the lookout........

Marshall: Line up EVERYONE!

Chase: What is this, military school?

Marshall: (gets in his face) MABE IT IS!!

Marshall: Where's Skye!

They looked and looked.

Rubble: Everyone, come quickly!

They all read the note.

Rocky: Too the T.V!

They watched and watched, but nothing.

Streak: Marshall! Look at this!

All: Streak!


He followed him to Katies were everybody was gathered around the T.V.

Judge: And our next contestant is Skye.

They watched as Skye strutted down the run way. But they hardly recognized her, she had a purple highlight down one ear, curly ears, and tons of make up. She wasn't wearing her badge she wore a pink diamond collar.

Marshall: Where is this?

Katie: Live from California.

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