At the beach......

Zuma: So, how is racing?

Zumas Mom: Great! How is track going for you?

Zuma: Well, it's, um..... I gave up track.

Both parents: Gasp!

Zuma: I'm sooo sorry. Do you still love me.

Zumas Mom: OF COURSE! Zuma, if you don't have to do track if you don't wanna.

Zumas dad: Besides, look where swimmings got you!

They all hugged.

Moonlight and her brothers came over.

Moonlight: YOU'RE ALL SICK! (Runs off)

Zumas Mom: What was that?

Zuma: Don't worry. (pulls out his phone and calls Marshall)

Zuma: Marshall. Are you busy?

Marshall: No, my parents went to meet Ryder.

Zuma: Go find Moonlight, she ran into town, talk to her.

Marshall: Huh? Okay, ready for a ruff ruff rescue!

(Phone hangs up)

At Skyes pup house....

Skyes mom: Ready?

Skye: No.

Skyes dad: You can't stay. Oh and take that dirty badge off. (throws her her pink diamond collar) Put that on.

Skye: One sec!

Both: Well wait in the limo.

Skye put on her diamond collar and wrote down a note.

Dear Paw Patrol,

My parents are making me leave to be in dog shows. I tried to stay but I can't, keep an eye on T.V, I'll probably be there. It may give you a clue where I am. Ill run away right back, like before. But if I'm not back in a week, please come get me. 

                             Love you all,


Skye: Coming! (She placed the note on her bed)

The limo took off.

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