Rocky: So know what?

Skye: Let's show them around.

Rocky and Skyes parents talked at the beach while Skye and Rocky talked.

Rocky: *sigh*

Skye: What's wrong?

Rocky: Do you know why my parents came?

Skye: Why?

Rocky: To see me and take me to another swim meet.

Skye: You swim!!!!!

Rocky: I used to, when I was little.


Mom: Okay pups, today we will see who will stay here and follow me and dad's footsteps and be a professional swimmer.

Bianca: This stinks! Why won't she just let the pup who wants to stay.

Rocky: I want to stay.

Bianca: Well then, good luck.

Mom: Rocky! You're turn!

Rocky dove in, swam fast, and dove under water.

Rocky: Oh no! I wasn't supposed to dive under water!

Mom and dad: THAT WAS GREAT!!!

Back to now....

Rocky: They choose me to stay, but at a swim meet, tide washed me to see, and I wound up here. I'm trauma tized by water know.

Skye: You're parents are going to take you away!

Rocky: No! Just once, they want to see how I've improved. How do I say I won't swim?

Skye: You won't have to, Rocky, you're a brave dog, nothing can hold you back if you're brave.

Rocky: You're right! I'm going to go practice!

Skye: *sniff* Good bye.

Rocky: What's wrong.

Skye: Well when I was little.


Skye is walking down the street with a diamond pick collar.

Boy puppy: WOW!

A lady picks her up.

Lady: Hello little puppy! Where's you're owner?

Owner: Oh I'm sorry.

Lady: No problem, I think she's a special dog.

Owner: What?

Lady: I'm a dog show judge, she is perfect for it!

Skye: (thinks) Oh great! Well my owner wouldn't..

Owner: Wow! Really!

Lady: I can get her a hair and makeup artist, a trainer, all you need.

Owner: Perfect! Her parents are in shows too.

Back to now......

Skye: I begged my parents to talk to my owner, but they agreed with her! So I ran away here. They love me, but they want me to leave to go to a show life. They say helicopters and jet packs aren't for me.

Rocky: That's ridiculous!

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