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Marshall went back to Adventure Bay and took the pups out of where they were and explained why he did what he did

Chase: Wow wow wow you called my military officer and the rest of the pups coaches!!!!

Marshall: Yes

Chase: WHY!!!!

Marshall: Stop being such a baby you should see what Moonlight and her brothers are going threw

Chase: I DON'T CARE!!!

Marshall: Oh really come to Texas with me and find out!!

All except Marshall: NO!

Marshall: Okay let's do it the hard way Oh trainers coaches I found your pups

Everyone except Marshall: Let's go to Texas

They borded the train and when they got to Texas Marshall made Chase follow Moonlight's cent.

Chase: Her cent led me here to this cave

Skye: Great we know where she is now let's go

Marshall: NO! we're going in

Everyone except Marshall: UGGGHHHH

When they got inside they found pictures of a female wolf and a male husky.

Chase: Who are they?

Marshall: They are Moonlight's parents... Well I should say they were her parents

Zuma: What happened to them

Marshall: They died and the reason their so cranky is because they died around Valentines' Day

Rocky: Really?

Chase: Your serious???

Marshall: Yes and the reason I called your trainers and coaches is because I wanted to show you how good you have it compared to her and her brothers.

Just then Moonlight, Streak and Storm came in

Moonlight: Now you know the whole story

Skye: I'm really sorry

Rocky: Me two

Zuma: Me three

Chase: I'm so sorry Moonlight will you forgive me please

Moonlight: Of course I can!

Streak: I guess I could fogive you

Storm: Me too

Moonlight: Thanks Marshall for all your help

Marshall: Your welcome can you come home now

Moonlight: Sure as long as the rest are okay with it

All: Yes

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