Chase: no Skye!!!!!!!!!

Chase went to the rest of the paw patrol and showed them the note.

Ryder: Okay guys let's put aside our differences and find Skye

Marshall: Wait I think I know where she is

Zuma: Really let's go

They kept looking and looking when they saw the limo

Chase: SKYE!!! SKYE!!!

Skye: Chase!!!

Skye's Mom: Stay away from her!!!

Skye: Listen Mom and Dad I don't like the dog show life please don't be mad

Skye's Mom: Oh darling you know we could never be mad at you

Skye's Dad: We thought you liked the dog shows

Skye: Can I stay please

Skye's Mom: Oh honey of course you can *Hugs her*

Marshall: All right know I'm going to Moonlight

Skye: Moonlight I think I saw I a note for you in her pup house Chase!

At the look out Chase looked in his pup house and found a note he took it to the others and they read

The Note: We are going back to Texas with a friend.

      From Moonlight, Streak and Storm
     P.S Don't take your parents for granted are parents died and it is true you don't know what you got till it's gone.

Chase: OH NO!! I should have been more smythetic

Rocky: Don't beat your self up you didn't know

Stay Toon For Part 7 Will They Get Moonlight In Time?

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