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Moonlight, Streak and Storm came back from the grave yard to hear all the pups and their parents arguing it turns out they all ran away.

Chase's Mom: Do you know how much money that military school cost!!!! Chase's Dad: And then you just run away!!! Chase: That military school was awful!!!!!

They argued and argued and Moonlight and her brothers had had enough.

Moonlight: WOULD YOU STOP IT!!!!! Moonlight: YOUR SOOOO SELFISH!!!! Storm: ALL OF YOU!!! Streak: YOU RAN AWAY FROM HOME ARE YOU REALLY THAT INSENSITIVE!!! Chase: If you guys are so perfect then where are your parents

All three of them started to cry it had been so long sense the Jay-Z incident they had forgotten about their parents.

Storm: Just leave us alone

all three of them ran off into the look out crying.

Coujo's Mom: You should be ashamed of your selfs

Coujo: Why because we ran away

Chase's Dad: No!

Chase's Mom: You guys obviously have no idea what's going on

Chase: What?

Chase's Mom: Do I have to spell it out

Chase: Just tell us what!!!

Chase's Mom: Their parents died

Paw Patrol: *Gasp*

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