Mollie is Spitz and Stick's older sister from an earlier litter. She belongs to Sarah the FBI pup and exists in Tundra's fanon

Info Edit

Mollie is a very positive pup and rarely frowns. She is very funny and happy-go-lucky. She is bubbly, talkative, and very outgoing. She loves her Mate Bingo with all her heart. She loves her younger sibling so and would do anything for them. She loves making friends with everyone she meets. She has a strong maternal instinct to all dogs younger than herself, including adults. She is very protective of her son and daughters.

Appearance Edit

She is a tan caramel color with a black muzzle, top of head, ears, black, paws, and tail tip. She had brown eyes and a candy cane red collar.

Bio Edit

Mollie was the first out of her litter to be adopted. She lived with a young girl Lizzie, and was very happy. But when Lizzie's family had to move away to a home that didn't allow pets, Lizzie was heartbroken. She made Mollie a bed, gave her food and water, and left her on the streets. She was a very loyal doggie, so she waited patiently for Lizzie to return. But after a week passed and Lizzie still hadn't come back, Mollie realized it was time to go. WIP

Trivia Edit

  • She has a son and two daughters Jerimia, Sara, and Kaia
  • She is very attached to a stuffed toucan
  • She is a guide dog to her human Mika
  • She is afraid of fire
  • She has a crush on Bingo

Stories she appears in Edit

Gallery Edit

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