So Mocha was originally Confetti's pup but I was allowed to adopt her.

Appearance Edit

Mocha is a Mutt with alot of Husky atributes. She has perked husky ears and the fluff of a husky but her Tail is docked. She has tan socks on her front paws, a tan muzzel, chest and stomach. Each part of her thats tan is outlined in Brown.

She wears a Brown Collar, along with a green apron and her crest has a cup of coffe

Personality Edit

Mocha is very happy, bouncy and peppy very similar to Confetii in personality. But shes a bit more bouncy and hyper than her. She tries to stay on the bright side of the situation always looking for ways to change others point of veiw but since she keeps all her negative emotions inside she can break at points and just let everything out

Bio Edit


Trivia Edit

Pup Pack Tools Edit

  • Extra Cups
  • Regular Coffe
  • Coffe Aditives
  • Straws, Cup Cozies and Stir Sticks

Vehicle Edit

She drives a coffe shop on wheels similar to an Ice cream truck

Catchprases Edit

  • "Let's Whip up some Fun" (tundra)

Crush Edit

When she met Keeda one day while visiting town she fell for him emediatley. Though there personalities kind of clashed She kept on persiting on him hoping to eventualy find a way into his heart

Random Edit

  • She has a Trainee named Evan
  • In the Future she trains Drew

Stories Edit

Gallery Edit

All credit goes to Confetti, Chase, and Lunar Lex!

Most credit is to Confetti for the adoptable picture, the reference, and the other picture~

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