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One day the pups and Ryder were playing in the pup park when they saw two teenage Husky pups named Cain and Sam screaming help

Cain: HELP!


Ryder ran over to the two

Ryder: Are you two okay?

Sam: No we are running around and screaming help because we are as happy as peaches

Cain: SAM! Sorry about him my names Cain and he's Sam yes there is something wrong

Ryder: Come on let's pups let's go we can talk at the look out

Cain: Thank you

At the look out Ryder gave Cain and Sam hot chocolates but they were so worried they couldn't drink it.

Ryder: Now tell us what happened?

Cain: Well we were on the train home to Boston with our sister,Riley, when we got off on the wrong side

  • Flash back*
  • Cain and Sam get off on the wrong stop and Riley gets off on the right side*

Riley: Hey idiots you got off on the wrong side

Cain: Ahh what

Sam: Don't worry will come over to you

  • Back to now*

Sam: Then another train flew by making us lose site of Riley...

Cain: And then *both of them in tears* we heard her scream and a car hit excel and she was just... Gone

  • Flash back*
  • train goes by*

Riley: *Scream*

Cain and Sam: RILEY!!!!

  • Back to now*

All: *GASP*

Ryder: Don't worry will find her

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