Misha belongs to Lunar Lex.
PP OC- Misha

She is an undeground/cave/miner pup.


Misha is a very feisty, tomboyish Pomeranian who is courageous. (Much to her mother's dismay, because her mother is a total girly girl.) That doesn't mean Misha's not nice though. She's very helpful and caring, but if someone wants to start a fight with her, she'll reluctantly oblige. She isn't that tough, however. Even if she is feisty, she's still a great friend to have.


Misha's owners bought her from their neighbors, who were selling Pomeranian puppies. However, Misha LOVED to dig and always dug up her owners' flowerbeds. So, they threw her out into the street. She didn't live as a stray for long, though, because once she found the Paw Patrol and saved Marshall from being buried in a hole with her digging skills, they let her join. Misha still visits her parents on occasion because she knows where they live.

When she gets older, she starts dating Simon, my delivery pup OC. 3 years later they get married, and Misha eventually has four pups named Daffodil, Wiley, Justin and Pokey.


Misha's an extremely fluffy red pomeranian. She has brown eyes. Her paw pads are pink. She has a huge tail that curls inward.


Misha wears a bright yellow-orange vest, and a hard hat with a light. She only wears her goggles when she's on missions to avoid getting rocks, dirt or dust in her eyes. Her collar is white and it has a pup tag has a picture of a drill drilling a rock on it.



  • Pickaxe
  • Grappling hook
  • Claw
  • Drills (big one on vehicle, small one in pup-pack)


  • She drives a vehicle with an optional giant drill in case she needs to clear out rocks or dirt.


  • Needles. She has a panic attack when she sees them.


  • "Time to brave the cave!"
  • "Let's explore the ores!"

Voice actresses Edit

  • Young/Teen Misha: Madeline Peters (Scootaloo in MLP:FiM) (Gets a tad bit lower when she's a teen)
  • Adult Misha: Kristen Bell (Anna in Frozen)


  • Misha is based off my aunt's Pomeranian with the same name.
  • Without her uniform, she's extremely fluffy.
  • Misha looks exactly like her father, Flare, only with brown eyes.
  • Misha absolutely cannot eat out of a bowl. She either eats off the ground or doesn't eat at all.
  • She enjoys hiding, especially when she wants alone time.
  • She has a trainee named Aristol.


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