Mikopholix Hammerstein (Often called "Miko") is the manager of the resort that Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Ryder, and Skye stayed at in Pups and the Resort Vacation


Miko owns the Resort (the name is not mentioned, yet) that the PAW Patrol (minus Marshall and Rubble), stay at in "Pups and the Resort Vacation".

In Part 2, he captures Skye, Chase, Rocky, and Zuma while they are sleeping, turning him antagonist.


Miko is said to be a very happy and positive man.

In the 2nd part however, he turned antagonist as he kidnapped all 4 pups and Ryder in different parts of that episode.


Miko wears a white suit, with a red tie. He has a few wrinkles on his face.


  • He is the first Fanon character to debut in FPGOutlaw's storyline.

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