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Four pups were born speedy Noah julia and angle they are the sons and daughters of mikey and Alaska.

Noah-he has the tuff side and the cool side of his dad and he is friends with Tim (Thomas's oc)

Speedy- speedy has the playful side of both parents and wants to run around and play all the time

Julia- she has a heart of her mom and is very sweet and kind she loves to hangout with her sister and brothers

Angle-instead of the heart of an angle she is the troublemaker out of them and loves to pull prakes and makes trouble'


Noah-he has a slight curled tail and has fur that has a golden tint with blue eyes, his personality is brave loyal strong kind 

Speedy-he is an alaskan malamute with a flat tail with green eyes,his personality is brave loyal playful kind smart fun loving

Julia- Alaskan malamute curled tail brown eyes,her personality is kind sweet loyal strong 

Angle-Alaskan malamute has grey eyes and the fur is golden grayish ,her personality is kind smart sneaky brave loyal

Fears and dislikes:Edit

Noah-dislikes are bullys cats and chickens fears loud noises and losing siblings and family

Speedy-dislikes are bullys cats fears ghosts and chickens

Julia-dislikes are bullys and cats fears getting in trouble mice and snakes

Angle-dislikes are bullys bad people being annoyed by her brothers fears are losing her family getting in timeout and bears


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