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  • I live in Massachusetts
  • I was born on October 10
  • My occupation is Financial Services Associate
  • I am Male
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  • Hiya, Smoky. How you doing?

    Anyways, I have this idea called "Ask my OCs: Navy and Ignis" and is it okay if I can make it here and a page for it that I can answer the questions anytime soon? I'm waiting for your response.

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    • A Fandom user
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  • Can you delete this page? to avoid disclarification....

    The Page i tell you is this

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  • Yo, man. We's got a spammer on chat called Kcmario. Here's some evidence:

    • KcmarioDoge: everybody do the flop
    • 11:32ReeceHW2003Ugh
    • 11:33Kcmarionope jk
    • ugh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    • 11:33ReeceHW2003Fresh: What's up, now?
    • 11:33KcmarioDoge: so can you finish the story then
    • 11:34ReeceHW2003I ain't got no ideas
    • 11:34Venz412Andres: I participated numerous revolts during the Spanish empire until I betrayed by my fellow countrymen.
    • 11:34KcmarioDoge: throws up pineapples
    • Doge: sorry
    • 11:35ReeceHW2003Fresh: Uhh...
    • Fresh: You's a bit odd
    • 11:35Kcmariodoge throws up sand and gary the snail
    • lol]
    • 11:35ReeceHW2003Fresh: O_O
    • 11:35Venz412Doge almost hits the Pineapples on Andres but It was sliced and Diced thanks to his Bolo..
    • 11:36AnimalpupNoah: Wired and Okay Andres
    • 11:36Kcmario6. party at chuck e cheese im going there but after you fin- oh
    • 11:36Venz412Andres: Looks like you never listen to ME!
    • 11:36Kcmariook bye
    • 11:36ReeceHW2003Fresh: Ugh... -_-
    • 11:37Kcmarioeats water at beach
    • drinks sand
    • 11:37Venz412Andres: Ruff! Bolo!(Unsheaths his Bolo and Swings it around!)
    • 11:37ReeceHW2003Fresh: Sorry, Andres, whatcha gotta say?
    • 11:37KcmarioDoge: i got you all a cake
    • 11:38Venz412Andres Slices the Cakes in Equal parts using his bolo...
    • 11:38KcmarioDoge: but-
    • you
    • all
    • got
    • 11:38ReeceHW2003Fresh: Awesome
    • 11:38Kcmarioa
    • whole
    • cake
    • 11:38ReeceHW2003Fresh: Want some, Noah?
    • 11:39KcmarioDoge: umm sure
    • 11:39Venz412Andres: Shall I tell ye another story or Not?
    • 11:39ReeceHW2003Fresh: Word
    • 11:39AnimalpupNoah: No thanks I'm trying to listen to Andres
    • 11:39KcmarioDoge: sure
    • 11:40Venz412Andres eats a small portion on his cake..
    • 11:40KcmarioDoge: but wheres my piece of cake
    • 11:40ReeceHW2003Fresh: Go on, man
    • Fresh: What's yo story?
    • 11:40Venz412Andres: I embarked on a journey along with the Paw Patrol inside a box...
    • 11:40KcmarioCake splatters all over room
    • Doge: oops
    • 11:40Venz412Andres: I will clean it up!
    • 11:41KcmarioDoge: pineapples
    • 11:41ReeceHW2003Fresh: Dude, stop
    • 11:41KcmarioDoge: no
    • o
    • ll
    • nool
    • 11:41Venz412Andres: not this time. Lightning release: Bolo Slash! The Attack hits all the Pineapples in the room including Doge.
    • Andres: hehehe... oops
    • 11:42ReeceHW2003Fresh: Awesome, man
    • 11:42KcmarioDoge: YOU CHOPPED MY ARM OFF! bruh
    • 11:42Venz412Andres: I did not Chopped your arm!
    • Andres: I stunned you for awhile so the Pineapples don't goes out again!
    • 11:42KcmarioDoge:welp see you later im going to a doctor ( why do you see stuff)
    • 11:43Venz412Andres: I will heal you!
    • 11:43ReeceHW2003Fresh: -_-
    • 11:43Venz412Andres goes near Doge.
    • 11:43KcmarioDoge: oh yay
    • 11:43Venz412Andres: Mystic paw technique!
    • 11:43AnimalpupNoah: augh...
    • 11:43KcmarioDoge: slippes
    • 11:44Venz412Andres' front paws turned green and puts on Doge' paws and heals it.
    • 11:44KcmarioDoge: o_O
    • 11:44Venz412Andres: Noah... Remember this one...
    • Andres: Noah!
    • 11:44KcmarioDoge now my paw is made of popcorn
    • 11:45ReeceHW2003Fresh: o_o
    • 11:45Venz412Andres: No! I made into a regular Paw so that you can run or walk better..
    • Andres successfully heals Doge.
    • 11:45KcmarioDoge: takes popcorn off oh so you healed it
    • 11:45ReeceHW2003Fresh: Ugh
    • 11:46Venz412Andres: hmph... yeah... I need to ask noah Something and you two shall listen okay? Doge? Fresh?
    • 11:46KcmarioDoge ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • Doge: what else do i have to do
    • 11:46ReeceHW2003Dude, stop
    • 11:47KcmarioDoge: Fresh, my emoji looks like this right now: ಠ_ಠ.
    • 11:48AnimalpupKcmario I don't mean to be rude but you are being way too random right now and it's starting to get annoying
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      • ReeceHW2003Word
      • 11:48Kcmarioim sad now
      • bye
      • for real this time
      • Kcmario has left the chat. 
      • 11:49Venz412Shall we continue the RP?
      • Welcome to Adventure Bay, Kcmario
      • 11:49AnimalpupSure
      • 11:49ReeceHW2003Uh huh
      • 11:50LadsoneWelcome back.
      • 11:50ReeceHW2003Fresh: So what up now, Andres?
      • 11:51Kcmariono i am mad at animalpup cuz he said im annyoing
      • 11:51Venz412Andres: Fresh. I used the Mystic Paw Technique to heal Doge..
      • 11:51KcmarioDoge: sad
      • 11:51ReeceHW2003Fresh: Awyt
      • KcmarioDoge: not at you andres at animalpup
      • 11:52ReeceHW2003Uhh...
      • 11:52AnimalpupI'm sorry Kcmario but it was starting to
      • 11:53KcmarioDoge: is it ok to be sad
      • 11:53ReeceHW2003-_-
      • 11:53Kcmario(im still sad and mad at same time
      • Doge: (walks out of room, crying)
      • 11:54Venz412Andres: Ano nangyari doge?(Streaks his Chin using his Paw)
      • 11:54Kcmario(doge leaves note at front of elevator)
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    • A Fandom user
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  • I found this user who has been leaving what looks a bit like random comments on pages. I could be wrong.


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    • A Fandom user
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  • Yo, man. We's got a user who keeps on editing without permission, and he also made a story with swearing in it. [[1]]

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    • A Fandom user
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  • Hey Dude, almost forgot!

    I saw your Smoky Plushies and it was really cool!

    Sky: wow, that Smoky Plushie is so life like!

    Takota: (Picks it up and hugs it)  Anf it is so warm and soft!

    Chase: Uh, Takota, that is the real Smoky!

    Rocky: No way Chase, Smoky is right beside me! Ain't that right lil bro!

    Smoky Plushy: (Slumps over)

    Rocky: Smoky?

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    • A Fandom user
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  • Can I put a religious story on this wikia. Paw Patrol Fan fiction related?

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  • Dan! I made it into English honor society! I got accepted into it! :D

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  • He's editing pages rapidly, and using art I don't believe is his.

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    • A Fandom user
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