A crackship story for Alainna and Thorn

Story Edit

Alainna walked towards the Lookout. It had been a while since she had last visited her sister. She padded up the hill, and finally arrived. She was greeted imideatly by her sister Sonata.

"Oh! it's so good to see you!" Sonata cried and hugged her. Alainna hugged her sister back.

"I agree! We need to get together more often." Alainna said.

"Are you planing on staying the night?" Sonata asked her hopefully. Alainna nodded and smiled.

"Don't I always?" she said teasingly. Then something, or someone, caught her eye. A pretty looking pup was laying down in the shade of a tree. It was a new pup, that much Alainna could tell. But why did she have a sudden fluttery feeling? Was it just her, or was it suddenly getting hotter?

"-and- Alainna? Alainna are you okay?" Sonata suddenly cut into her thoughts. Alainna hadn't even known she was talking. What was wrong with her? Alainna shook her head to clear it.

"Yeah. I'm fine. Who is that pup over there?" Alainna asked pointing to the pup.

"Oh, her? Thats just Thorn. I would bother going to talk to her. All she cares about is eating and sleeping." Sonata said dismissively. Alainna nodded. "So, what have you been up to?" Sonata asked.

"Not much. Just been singing songs, getting adored, you know. The usual." Alainna said, but the whole time she was talking, she couldn't help but glance over at Thorn. What was it about that pup that seemed so fascinating?

"Thats cool. You know, why don't you come inside? It's almost time to eat." Sonata said. Suddenly the pup called Thorn awoke.

"Did you say eat? As in, it's dinner time?" Thorn called.

"Yup." Sonata called over her shoulder as she led Alainna towards where the pups were gathering. Thorn followed them, and Alainna couldn't help but glancing back just once. Thorn gave her a strange look, and then Alainna turned her head away. She sat next to her sister in her usual place, but this time Thorn sat on the other side.

"Oh hey Alainna. Good to see your joining us again." Ryder said to her as he filled her guest bowl. He gave it too her, then gave Thorn her food. Thorn began gobbling it down, and soon Alainna was doing the same. When they were done, Alainna turned to Thorn.

"Hi there! I'm Alainna." Alainna said to Thorn in a friendly voice.

"Thorn." Thorn said. She looked bored, but didn't walk away.

"I didn't see you before, are you new?" Alainna asked, trying to get a conversation going.

"yeah. I joined a couple of weeks ago." Thorn said. Alainna waited for a few moments, but Thorn didn't continue.

"Well thats cool. Whats your job?" Alainna asked.

"I'm a Paranormal investigator." Thorn said. Alainna nodded. "What are you doing here? I haven't exactly seen you around before..." Thorn asked. Alainna gave a quick paw pump. It may not be the question she had wanted, but at least it was something.

"I'm just visiting my sister. I'm a famous singer you know." Alainna said a bit proudly. Thorn looked her up and down. Still bored, but a little more interested.

"Cool. Well, I'd better go to sleep. I'm exaughsted." Thorn said turning away.

"But you were just sleeping." Alainna pointed out.

"Exactly" Thorn called as she walked into her pup house. Even as she walked away, she was beautiful. Alainna felt that funny feeling again... was that... could that be.... Was she in love? Yes. Thats right. She was in love with this seemingly lazy pup.

"See you tomorrow..." Alainna called. And she was looking forewards to it.

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