Chisel is a first generation pup and belongs to Chiselthepaeleontologypup


Chisel is a very freindly pup. He loves to hang around his cousin, Rubble, and friends. Chisel loves to eat like Rubble, but is a little more athletic than him. Chisel is quite a jokester and loves to make people smile. He thought that he'd never find love until he saw Franny He was instantly crushing hard on her and always hanging out with her. One day, before a dance Chisel told his feelings towards Franny to Planet and Fou. Soon he found out that she was crushing hard on him too. At the dance Chisel asks Franny to go on a date with him and she quickly agreed. Later they are boyfriend and girlfriend, then husband and wife. They soon after have pups, Kmno(Noelle) Ssss(Fouress), And Keno.


BIO Edit


JOB Edit

CAREER: Paeleontology pup

PUP PACK:Pickaxe,Shovel,Hammer, Chisel, Pick, Brush, and Fossil Preserver

VEHICLE: It is a van with a Fossil scanner front bumper. The van is brown trimmed with black. On the two back sides and door there are Fossil preservers.

UNIFORM: A vest almost exactly like Rubble's, except it's brown trimmed with black. He also has a brown safari-like hat. His pup tag is a Pickaxe with a brown background


Crush: Franny

Likes: Food, paeleontology(in the sandbox), playing pup pup boogie, tag, sports

Friends:Fou,Planet,(If you want a character to be his friend just comment or ask on my wall)

Fears: Being abandoned, death, loosing Rubble, Bullies,



Pups find chisel

Planet and Fou - A love Story

We are (Planet and family version)

Gallery Edit

IMG 20170427 161743 kindlephoto-34208773

cute gift from Eva, thanks sis

Chisel x Franny screenshot edit by MacBarrPup

cute screenshot edit by MacBarr, Thx buddy

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