Note: I wrote the first four parts of this story in a Southwest Airlines Terminal/SouthWest flight.

Part One:Edit

It was 3AM, Med was waking up in a hotel room.

Med: Ohh….It’s time to wake up all ready……?!

He gets out of bed, looks through his bags making sure everything he needs is in there.

Med: Cell phone, Laptop, iPad, and photo of Dawn, that’s everything!

He walks to the lobby, and waits for the driver.

Med: *Half asleep* Come on man.

Driver: I’m here! *Walks out*

Med: We ready?

Driver: We have to wait for more people.

Med: Alright.

A family walks into the lobby, with their bags and cases.

Driver: That’s everyone!

Med: Good.

Driver: *Picks up all the bags and puts them into the back of the van.

Med: *Gets in*

The van drives to the airport.

Driver: What airline are you taking? *To Med*

Med: United.

Driver: Okay!

They get to terminal 1, and Med gets out and grabs his bags.

Driver: See you sir!

Part Two:Edit

Med: Bye!

He walks into the airport to security.

Med: Blahhh.

He puts his cell phone and other things onto the scaner.

Med: Chase? Smoky?

Smoky and Chase: Hi.

Med: What are you doing here?

Chase: We work here part-time.

Med: So...You work for the ones who abusr their power?

Smoky: Nah, we’re nice.

Med: Good.

Smoky: Your cell phone and wallet are fine!

Chase: So is your bag!

Med: Thank you.

Chase and Smoky: You’re clear to go!

Med: See you guys.

Chase and Smoky: Bye!

Med: *Walks into gate 4, and sits down*

Time: 4:30AM.

Med: Need. Coffee…Nothing open..

  • Star Bucks open*

Med: Of course the most expensive opens first.

Med: *Walks into the Star Bucks*

Cashier: Yes?

Med: One Carmel coffee.

Cashier: Okay. *Makes it and serves it*

Med: Thank you.

Part Three:Edit

Med: *Walks back to the sets and waits*

He sits for 20 minutes until he hears a voice say; “We’re now borading United flight 7262 to Phoenix Sky Harbor”.

Med: Well, I’m Bussinenes class.

Over head voice: We’ll be borading bussiniss class, and anyone who would need a little help along with parents of small children first.

Med: *Scans his borading pass with his phone*

Man: Thank you!

Med: *Walks half asleep onto the airplane and sits down in a window set*

Over head: Welcome to United Flight; 7262 to Phoenix, please make sure you have your seat belt fasened and your phones are on; “Airplane Mode”.

Med: No texting Dawn…*Puts his phone on airplane mode, and puts on his seat blet*

Over head: We’ve been cleared for take off! Enjoy your flight to Phoenix!

Med: Well, let me try to sleep, since I only slept 2 hours last night, hehe..

Med: *Falls asleep*

Two hours later.

Med: *Wakes up randomly* Wha...What time is it? *Looks at his phone* It’s about 6AM.

A little while later:

Over head: We in our final disent into our stop over in Chicago. Please fasen your set belts.

Med: Ugh, stops. *Puts on his set belt*

In time the plane leads in Chicago.

Over head: We will wait until the passengers get off, and have finished leaving the plane.

Med: *Sits*

Over head: We will now do a head count.

Med: Takes so long..

Finilay they finish the head count and are ready to leave to Phoenix.

Part Four:Edit

Over head: We will be taking off to Phoenix at this time we ask you please put your bags under the set or in the over head compartment.

Med: Already there. Hehe.

Over head: Please be sure your set belts are fasend.

Med: Think I took it off?

Over head: We will be taxing to the run-way.

Med: Please do.

As they taxi to the run way Med messages Dawn one more time before turning his phone off.

Med’s text: “I’m in Chicago, will message you in 3 or 4 hours, love you!”

As they texi to the run-way the over head says: “We have been cleared for take off.”

Med: Thank you. I love talking to the over head.

The plane gults forword picking up speed by the second, he sees the grownd get farther away as they lift off.

Med: Now, for sleep.

He lays in the set as the plane get higher and higher. Med: Low preshure makes me light headed, hehe..*Falls asleep*

Person next to him: Haha sleepy doggy!

The light continues as they get higher and higher. One hour later Med wakes up.

Med: Uhhhh, *Rubs eyes*

Person next to him: Haha, doggy is awake!

Med: What did you say…?!

Person next to him: Nothing!

Med: Okay….

He sits in his set looking out the window, seeing nothing but clodes since they were so high up in the air.

Med: Soo booredd! Cannot text Dawn..

The flight goes on for an hour and a half more Med does nothing.

Med: No internet, but I guess I’ll look at my laptop.

As he pulls it out of his bag the over head says: “At this time we will be asking that all laptops, iPads and any big electronics to be put away and turned off.

Med: Timing I tell ya!

Over Head: We are making our final decent into Pheonix, please be sure all bags are put under the set or in the uper compartment. Welcome to Pheonix.

Med: Yep.

The plane gets lower and lower and slowly leands onto the run-way, the flaps and breaks stop the plane as it comes to a stop.

Over Head: Please stay in your sets until we make it to tge gate, thank you for flying with United, welcome to Pheonix!

Part Five:Edit

Coming soon.

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