Med is a medical/firefighter pup Trainee under Marshall. He is created by and belongs to Tbrays30.
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Med was born into an abusive family, he doesn't remember his mother and father at all, on a cold winter's night he ran from the house under the cover of darkness, he ran for two miles, and rested for the night, the next morning he Found himself in a city named "Adventure Bay", he lived on the street for months on his own, living off of Stolen food, and rain water, he made a friend named Joseph, the two lived together, and fought for food side-by-side The two spent months together until they got separated when running from a dog catcher on a rainy night, by morning Med found himself in woods near a field, he walk around and then smelled fire, he ran to it and put it out immediately, then ran as fast as he could into the woods, the PAW Patrol soon arrived, Ryder asked; "Where is the fire?" Farmer Al told them that, he pup put it out and ran into the woods as fast as possible, Chase and Smoky ran after Med until they "find a small pup, a little smaller then Smoky sitting next to a tree almost passing out from fatigue." he is brought back to The Look out, in time he meets his new friend Smoky, who tells him what a "Trainee" is, a small fire started in The Lookout that night, Med heard it and put it out. Later; Marshall asked Ryder if Med may be his trainee, Ryder answered "Yes", to this. He always used to say; "I don't want or need a girlfriend, they'll just slow me down", but in time he started to feel different about this, but always tried to hide it until he a pup named Angel joined the PAW Patrol (Relationship past still in the works).


Med, is a mixed breed pup who has white on his back sides and neck and muzzle. He has a dark grey spot on his right side. With a dark grey belly and light green eyes. He also has a dark gray face.


Med is calm, nice, friendly and helpful, but sometimes different, he has trouble getting along with other pups, always has, he sticks close to Marshall and his girlfriend Angel, he is mature over all more then some pups, his rescue skills are better then his fire skills, of course he's good at both. In his future he becomes the loving father of four puppies he loves to bits, Selena, Sierra, Lucille, and Leon. These pups he'd give his life for, sometimes he can be an over-protective dad but he knows the best way to give his pups a good future is to let them learn things on their own.

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  • Med's personality is based off mine, like Smoky is with RockytheEco-pup.
  • In his future he falls in love with; Angel Skye's trainee.
  • Med is scared of the dark.
  • He has four loving pups in his future; Selena, Sierra, Lucille, and Leon.
  • Med "HATES" the cold.
  • Med Looks to Marshall as a father and mentor.
  • Med ran from a Abusive owner when he was young.
  • Med dislikes Pup, Pup, Boogie, no-one knows why.
  • Med never gets along with Rusty, they are fighting a lot Rusty always tries to embarrass Med, but Med ends up winning in the end usually.
  • His Ex Girlfriend is Shelly.




Med is ready to rescue!
~ Med
When you need my help, just give a yelp!
~ Med
If there's a fire about, I'll put it out!
~ Med

(Note: Third Catchphrase thought of by WittleFuzzyPuppehs thanks Fuzzy!)



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For my Friends of the PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki~-1

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