May is a combat pup. She decided to use her experience as a stray to help others.She never new her parents but she tries her best to forget the drama and move forward only with her closes friend will she open up to. She is extremely kind but when she needs to she will fight and she is not afraid to. She was took in by the paw patrol . Like chase she cares very much about Ryder and will do anything for him. Her fav place to visit is an Italian restaurant down town ab. Her full name is Malinda May but she hates it when people call her by the full name if some one does she might get little mad  


May is a husky on one of her

paws are to black lines

making her paw look like a glove

Out fit and tools. 

She wears sunglasses and gloves to that her paws won't hurt. 

Her tag has two swords on it representing combat. 

  Crush : ? 

  Family :? 

  Age :4 months 

   Random : She loves it when she gets to swim and play 

   Fears : She is scared to be left or captured  

   Dislikes: cats      

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