Personality Edit

Mavis is really and loves to help other pups. she has a beautiful singing voice and love to sing. When your feeling down she'll sing a happy song to cheer you up.

Appearance Edit

Mavis is a blue-merle Koolie, the right side of her face is white with a black circle around her eye and the left side of her of her face is black, her ears also black with tan inside and perk up . The top portion of her body is black and blue-gray while the bottom is white. she has long black, tan legs and two white socks on her front paws. she has an amber collar with a silver bell and blue eyes.

  • bio

She was born in Sydney, Australia and move to Adventure bay with her family at a young age. one day while taking a walk around the bay she met Riff and fell for him instantly.

Trivia Edit

she is dating Riff.

she has a pet hopping mouse named Hoppy.

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