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Marygold is a great, fun-loving, and a little bit naughty pup.


When Marygold was little, she was abused by her owner for never being good enough. But, she didn't really care. She got upset when he fell in love with Katie and mailed her to Katie!

Marygold: *giggles*

She was a real problem until she cleaned up her act and became the new language/ philosophy pup.


Marygold is a golden retriever with hair that shines in the sun. She has big purple eyes and a pink and white flower in her ear. Her collar is glass, it was made glass so she could practice being more careful, and she has a Chinese letter on her badge.

Her uniform is clear too, but it's not made of glass. She has a clipboard, and a language book in her pup pack.


She is a really goofy puppy, who can be a great puppet master. She's actually really smart, and knows every language and is a great philosopher. She loves to sing too. Oh, she claustrophobic.


  • She can speak every language
  • She's claustrophobic
  • She's really smart
  • She made up her past (yup, to get Katie to open up her house) (why did you think she was giggling?)


  • laissez nous faire ce  (let's do this in French)
  • bereit zu rettungs  (ready to rescue in German)
  • estoy en lo  (I'm on it in Spanish)
  • forlat  (sorry in Swedish)

Episode AppearancesEdit

  • Pup Pup Present

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