Mary is a female Dalmatian with a yellow and white Magnolia flower on her right ear.

Personality Edit

Mary is a sweet, kind, and caring Dalmatian but deep down she is selfish, tricky, and dishonest. Cold, conniving and quick, Mary is a devilish pup with a hunger for admiration, power, obedience and honor. Like many villains, Mary is completely power-hungry, willingly visiting Adventure Bay to murder both Chase and Marshall and revealing her only desire is to become the new fire pup.

Relationship with Marshall Edit

Initially, when Marshall first met Mary, he became instantly infatuated with her cute looks and charm. As the two became more acquainted with each other and their lonely pasts, the two soon shared a romantic duet which ended with Mary proposing to Marshall, which he gladly accepted despite having only known her for a day. While Marshall was away, he proclaimed that Mary would be in charge during his and Chase's absence. While it seemed during Marshall's absence that she truly cared and loved him, when Marshall returned to Adventure Bay to receive a true love's kiss from her in the hopes of healing Chase's curse inflicted on him, Mary revealed she never loved him and how she only planned to become the new fire pup of the PAW Patrol and kill Chase to ensure this. She left Marshall to die as she went to kill Chase and any feelings Marshall had for her disappeared. He managed to interfere with her plans and save Chase by using his frozen body as a shield to block her owner's killing blow and got his revenge on Mary by biting her paw and tossing her off the ship they were on. It should be noted that due to his years of loneliness and desperation for love that Marshall's "love" for Mary was nothing more than a small crush based on her outward appearance and his belief that he would not have another chance to find someone else while his feelings for Rachel were genuine and based off of real love. Even Mary has stated how she was so desperate for love that she was willing to marry him. It is also apparent that there is no (longer any) affection between the two sides as Marshall hates Mary for the monster she truly is and Mary never truly cared for Marshall at all but was instead using her infatuation for him to get his act as a fire pup and was willing to let him die to further her own fiendish schemes.

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