Piper was an average dog🎶

She went *Arf* and *Bark* and *Grrr*🎶

Then she ate some alphabet soup🎶

The letters she ate went down her throat but then lost their way

The traveled to her brain and now

She's got a lot to saaaaay!🎶

Piper speaks🎶

Here her speak🎶

Piper speaks and speaks and speaks and speaks and speaks🎶

Piper: What's that you doing?

Piper: What are are we eating again?

Piper speaks🎶

Hear her speak

She speaks and speaks and speaks and speaks🎶

Piper wants to yelp and shout

Piper will tell you what it's all about🎶

Piper: Communicate,dominate explain to me exaggerate and, 

  • pant,pant,pant*

Piper:Maybe it's so great#

Piper speaks 🎶

Yeah Piper Speaks!🎶

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