(On a cold February morning, the pups were watching the weather channel to check tomorrow's weather)

Weatherman: So it looks like the cold and warm fronts are going to mix here near Adventure Bay and Foggy Bottom and make snow tomorrow. But we have to see on the 2nd of February it will cause a blizzard.

All except Marshall and Rosie: Wow!

Skye: A blizzard.

Chase: Thats at 6:00 PM.

Rocky: Yeah.

Zuma and Everest: Uh huh.

Rubble: True but thats after the groundhog festival.

Penelope: Thats true Rubble.

Tundra and Lilac: You/Yuh said it.

(Ryder walks over)

Ryder: Have you pups seen Marshall and Rosie?

Chase: There outside playing.

(Scene changer: Rosie's badge)

(Marshall threw the frisbe to Rosie)

Marshall: Nice catch Rosie.

Rosie: Thanks.

(Rosie throws the frisbe and Marshall tries to get it but Ryder catches it)

Marshall: Thats a good catch Ryder.

Ryder: Thanks Marshall. And by the way you pups do know what tomorrow is.

Rosie: Yeah February 2nd, Groundhog Day.

Ryder: Right.

Marshall: Uh Ryder?

Ryder: Yes Marshall?

Marshall: I better not go to that festival tomorrow.

Ryder: Why?

Marshall: When I was little, I got so misrable on that day.

Rosie: I don't understand whats wrong with the groundhog festival. The crew from the weather channel will be there and you can be on tv.

Marshall: I know but I don't want to mess it up.

Ryder: Don't worry Marshall you'll do something better.

Marshall: Ok.

Ryder: But now you pups better get inside.

Rosie: Alright come on Marshall.

Marshall: Ok.

(Rosie and Marshall ran inside the lookout)

Ryder: I hope Marshall won't mess things up.

(At dinner, the pups ate their food and went to their pup-houses)

(Marshall was about to go into his pup-house when Rosie stopped him)

Rosie: Marshall?

Marshall: Yes?

Rosie: Do you think that your not going to mess it up tomorrow?

Marshall: I hope not.

Rosie: Me too. Well goodnight.

(She walks off to her pup-house)

Marshall: You to.

(Marshall goes into his pup-house and closes the door)

(The next day, the pups are up except for Marshall who is still sleeping)

(His alarm clock went off at 7:00 and it played a musical tune)

Voice:Wake up sleepyhead because today is going to be a great day.

(Marshall opened his eyes and gets up)

Marshall: *YAWNS*

Voice: Today is a special day for the groundhog to come out and to make prediction.

Marshall: Yuh said it.

(Marshall came out of his walked over to his water bowl and takes 10 slurps)

(Rocky and Lilac walked over to him)

Lilac: Well morning to you partner.

Marshall: Morning.

Rocky: I hope this day would be great.

Marshall: Yeah me to. *Signs*

(Ryder walks over)

Ryder: Morning pups. Ready to go?

All except Marshall: Yeah!

(Ryder and the pups got into their vehicles and drove into town)

~To Be Continued~

(Click here for part 2)

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