Marrow is a belgian shepard puppy. He helps the Paw patrol team by being the protector. He protects puppies against mean people, threats, and other bad stuff.


Bio Edit

Marrow was a puppy adopted by ryder and joined the Paw patrol group. He was the runt of the litter and no one else wanted to adopt him, he almost went to the shelter. Now Marrow works with the rest of the paw patrol team. his best friend is Rocky

Skills Edit

Marrow is skilled in protecting others, if he has to he will fight with the bones that are attached to his paw patrol outfit. he will only fight for his friends if he has too.

Marrow will get especially angry if anyone tries to hurt rocky his best friend, or ryder, or anyone really that's innocent.

More Edit


To the left is Marrow, without his paw patrol uniform.

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